BOB Sock's

I have been trying to do an April update for most of this month and when I go there Blogger played silly buggers with the photo formatting so instead of the extended post I had planned here is my actual finish for the month!

These are my finished 'BOB Socks' by Louise Tilbrook Designs,  I knit these in The Knitting Goddess British Wool and Nylon, the colour way is called Distressed Pudding which was from the Back to the Discworld Club that Joy ran in 2016. These were mostly knit as my travel project.



Penny said…
Love your socks and the name of the colorway. : ) I've been trying to work on my one and only pair a few rows at a time. Seems like they are taking forever!
Margaret said…
Nice socks!
Brigitte said…
Very lovely, Karoline.
woolwoman said…
great sock finish ! hope to see your stitching projects soon - take care Mel
matway said…
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Jackie said…
LOVE your socks! Blogger has been doing weird things lately...

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