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Sampler September Recap and Dark October Plans

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Fully Finished
Forget Me Nots in Stitches - The Rose is Red Pincushion

Sampler September Wips
The Scarlett Letter - Dorothy Walpole
Needleprint - Scottish Sampler 1757

With My Needle and Thread - Forget Me Not Sampler
Plum Street Samplers - Pomegranate Santa

New Start - Sampler September
With My Needle - Emblem of Love

New Start - Dark October
Kelmscott Designs - Tombstone Angel
The Drawn Thread - Happy Halloween

Hands Across the Sea - Mary Lea 1793

Karie Westerman - Scollay Cardigan
Curious Handmade - Amulet Shawl
Dreams In Fibre - Hermione's Everyday Socks

New Starts
Curious Handmade - Shell Cottage Socks, Floating Shawl
An Catin Beag - The Sinister Catdigan

Border Tart Twins
Cookstan Crafts 
Irish Artisan Yarns
Third Vault Yarns

The Wool and Craft Shop, Swanage

Cowslip Workshops

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