Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On the Needles

I had hoped to show off the finished Deco this week but I haven't been able to source the clear snaps used for fastening locally so I need to order some online and it hasn't been high enough up the priority list with the Christmas holiday's looming.  Instead here are the projects I currently have on the needles.

First here is my current sock project.  Knit in Regia Stripe yarn using a basic top down pattern, these socks are for Rosie.


I have also cast on a new cardigan, another Kate Davies design - Manu.  I'm also using Wensleydale Long Wool again for this one.


To finish with here are some pictures from the weekend when we took our annual ride on the 'Santa train' at the Middleton Railway, a heritage railway here in Leeds.


Monday, December 08, 2014

And now for the stitching..

This week is all about catching up with the last few months stitching.  There hasn't been stunning amounts of progress but some has happened.

To start with here is Dorothy Walpole, since my last update I have finished off the alphabets and I'm now onto the over one verse.  However over one on 40 count, just what was I thinking!


Meanwhile Eileen Bennett's Flowers of the Field has gained a couple of new bands


I have also had a couple of new starts,  back in October I started Shepherds Bush's Sweet Stitches Fob.  I have finished the front


and made significant progress on the back.


My current project is the children's Christmas ornaments.  This year they have both decided on the same ornament, Paw Printings Penguin Hugs from the JCS Ornament Issue from 2004.  Here is my progress on the first one.


Monday, December 01, 2014

Catching Up

Thank you all very much for the lovely comments on my last post. I hadn't planned on being away from here for so long, but life seemed to get busy with mostly fairly mundane things. And despite thinking I would have lots of crafting time with both kids at school, so far it hasn't happened.

To catch up with some of what I've been up too, I'm going to concentrate on knitting for this post - not least because I have a few finishes to share.  I've been on a bit of a shawlette kick over the summer and here are the results.

First is Willow
Willow, pattern by Victoria Magnus    
Yarn - Eden Cottage Yarns Pendle in Buddleja

Close up of the lace


The next finish is my first Hitchhiker, I'm sure it won't be the last one I knit! (Apologies for the dodgy 'selfie')

Hitchhiker, pattern by Martina Behm Yarn - Rainbow Sock Yarn purchased at the Wool Clip, Cumbria

The last finish still needs me to find the time to block it!  I took part in Helen Stewart's Curious Collective 2014 Design-A-Long, so joined in with the subsequent Knit-a-long.

Curious Collective Shawl 2014, pattern by Helen Stewart
Yarn - Eden Cottage Yarns Titus in Steel and Damson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pretty In Pink

I'm a bit late in posting this but before the end of last month I got Pretty in Pink 'finished'.

Pretty in Pink copyright Indigo Rose 2006 stitched using the kit materials

Now the kids are back in school I am starting to pick up speed with my crafting again. Christopher started full days at school last Friday after a week and a bit of half days.  So here is a catch up with the other projects that I worked on over the summer.

I have now finished two of the component pieces for the Counterpane Sewing Case by CA Wells

Counterpane Sewing Case copyright CA Wells 2004  
stitched using kit materials

and I have also finished the first part of the Flowers of the Field sampler by Eileen Bennett.

Flowers of the Field copyright Eileen Bennett 2003

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peacock Repose

I have finished a couple of small designs

First is an old freebie from The Workbasket, Peacock Repose.


Peacock Repose copyright The Workbasket 2000
stitched on Glenshee Linen with Gentle Arts threads

I'm not sure how I am going to finish this one,  I've stitched a couple of other Peacock designs from The Workbasket. They are also waiting for finishing so I guess I might do them all at the same time.

My other finish is for a biscornu SAL on the 'All About Smalls' group on Facebook.  I've had the 'Pretty in Pink' kit by Indigo Rose in my stash for way too long so this was a good chance to get it stitched.  


Pretty in Pink copyright Indigo Rose 2006 stitched using the kit materials

I'm hoping to get to the finishing this weekend as it's a holiday weekend here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I had hoped to update here before now but my laptop got knocked off the table and the power cable got damaged last week.  Fingers crossed it seems to be sorted out now, I can charge the laptop now.

Summer is going by all too fast with various trips out, the plus side of which is there has been a lot of al-fresco knitting.


This means that I have now have a finished pair of socks.

Basic top down socks in Crazy Zauberball Indian Rose

I've also finished off the jumper I was knitting for Christopher

Jumper King Cole pattern 3360 knit in King Cole Galaxy  

I did try and get him to stand still for a picture but that was an epic fail!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A quick stitching update

As you might imagine the last couple of months have not been conducive to making lots of progress on my stitching. However I did manage to get The Drawn Thread's Winter Spot finished

This is the last of the seasonal spots (I stitched the rest back in 2009) so I'm toying with how to finish them.  A stitcher I used to know finished them as a etui so I'm thinking about doing the same.

Slow progress continues on Dorothy Walpole, I'm almost at the bottom of the first section of the pattern. I'm looking forward to turning the page to a new section!


I've worked on Anniversary Roses and Flowers of the Field but progress was so minimal so there are no photo's yet.