Sunday, November 15, 2015

Just Nan - Fairy Roses

For most of this year I have been meaning to join in with Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness SAL but my blogging (and blog reading) has been so hit and miss that I keep forgetting.  But as I had a qualifying project this month I made sure that I put the date in my diary.

Over the summer I have been working on Just Nan's Fairy Roses as my small project, I was gifted the chart, charm and fabric by my good friend Beverly more years ago than either of us would probably care to remember!

I finished the stitching over half term and used the monthly deadline for the SAL as an incentive to crack on and get it finished.


Of course this was instantly claimed by Rosie!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Overdue Knitting Update

Sorry for another long gap between posts, I have been going to blog ever since the end of the summer holidays so quite how we've got to half-term I'm not quite sure!

However one of the reasons I've not got round to blogging is because there has been a fair bit of knitting and other yarny goodness has been happening so this is going to be a very photo heavy post.

First up, last month it was Yarndale.  This time I had a partner for the day as Rosie has enthusiastically embraced knitting and crochet over the summer holidays and was thrilled to come to her first yarn festival. 



My stash from the day, is mostly from Eden Cottage Yarns.  Their new pattern collection 'Drift', the fuchsia Whitefell DK is to knit Honey Bee for Rosie from the collection. I also bought a skein of BFL sock in Green Tea. I also bought some blocking wires. Rosie did a lot of shopping but it all disappeared into her bedroom before I had time to take a picture.


With all the knitting I have one finish, another pair of Rainbow socks this time for Christopher.


Naturally having finished one pair of socks, I had to cast on another pair of socks for Rosie using the Pheasant colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners.


Progress on my Hartfield shawl by Ann Kingstone has slowed down considerably as I can't work on it at home now, lace-weight cashmere and playful kittens do not mix! So this project goes to my knit group and gets worked on there.  It's not the best  project for social knitting but it does mean that it doesn't go into permanent hiatus.


I'm getting closer to finishing Manu by Kate Davies, I'm working my way up the yoke now.


However Manu has been put too one side for the time being as I got sucked into the Summertide Mystery Knit a long offered by Helen of Curious Handmade


I am much further on with this than the picture shows, I'm now well on with the second colour.  I decided to use a skein of Eden Cottage Yarns BFL sock in Periwinkle that I had in my stash and the new skein that I bought at Yarndale was for this project.  I'm not going to get this finished and blocked by the end of this month when the MKAL finishes but I should have a finish to share with you soon.

Monday, August 17, 2015


I'm afraid that crafty content is likely to be a bit sparse round these parts for the near future as we have been adopted by an exceptionally cute, small, fluffy, ginger killing machine called Florence.


We have been looking for a new cat since we got back from New Zealand.  I hadn't planned on getting a kitten but when the farm where we get our vegetables put a note in the newsletter asking for homes for the kittens of a pregnant stray who had moved in on the farm it was inevitable that we would offer.   


We picked Florence up  a week last Monday, she is incredibly friendly, curious and everything has to be investigated and killed.  I don't fancy the chances of the local wildlife when she finally goes outside :/   So I can only knit or stitch while she is busy elsewhere or asleep at the moment so I'm mainly working on small projects that can be hastily stuffed into a project bag when Florence gets too interested.



I have however managed to finish up the first sock of the latest pair, knit in the Regia Stripe yarn again but for Christopher this time.


I have also finished the top of the pincushion from the Take a Lovely Sampler by Forget Me Nots in Stitches.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Holidays - week 1

Well I've managed to survive the first week of the summer holidays!  We haven't done much for this week as everyone was very tired.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen what we've been up to but I thought I would put them up here as well.

Mostly there has been a bit of fitting in working on my travel sock when we were pottering around. You may remember I have already knit a pair of socks out of this yarn for Rosie, this pair is for Christopher at his request.


There were a couple of days out around the weekend. On Friday I dropped the kids off with their Grandma and took off to Ilkley for the PBFA Book Fair.  I had a very pleasant couple of hours browsing and catching up with friends before I had to head back to pick the kids up.


I picked up some old favourites at the book fair


And then had a quick browse in a nearby charity shop. Better get reading :)


On Sunday we went into Leeds to the Art Gallery.  The Gallery operates a picture library that Yorkshire residents can join and borrow a new art work every three months. We've been members of the scheme for the last year and have enjoyed the different styles of art we've borrowed.  While we were there we took time to enjoy the current exhibition which celebrates the centenary of Sir Terry Frost.  It was a very wet, grey day outside and some of the work was the perfect antidote.


Outside the gallery there is a temporary installation of a piece by Sir Anthony Caro,  several galleries in Yorkshire are collaborating on a celebration of his work this summer.  I'm hoping that  I can get round to see it all.


There has been time for a bit of stitching as well, I've been working on the 'Take a Lovely Sampler' smalls by Lauren Sauer of Forget Me Nots in Stitches.  I took this class back in 2006 so time to get it finished!  I'm currently stitching the pincushion, this picture was taken just before I realised the centre motif was off by one stitch and it had to be frogged :/


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yarn Along

I decided that it was time that I hooked up with the Yarn Along again, not least because it will keep me blogging regularly over the summer holidays.


I'm currently knitting on Hartfield, I'm almost at the halfway point with this now.  My book is Wizard and Glass by Stephen King, the fourth book in the Dark Tower series.  I've been slowly re-reading the series after I picked up the last three in a charity shop a couple of years ago.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

New Zealand part 2: General Geekiness

One of the things that I was looking forward to when we visited New Zealand was being able to get my Tolkien Geek on!

And arriving at Wellington airport didn't disappoint


When we got inside the airport there are several Lord of the Rings and Hobbit installations, Smaug was particularly impressive.



Don't wake a sleeping dragon!

There were costumes and props from The Hobbit scattered around Wellington,  I think I saw most of the Dwarfs costumes (although the photo's didn't come out well).  Azog here was on display at Te Papa.


My sister treated me to the tour of Weta Workshop,  it was very interesting to get up close with all the props and to see the range of the films they work on.  We were not allowed to take photo's on the tour but there were plenty of props sculpture around outside and in the shop.



After the tour we went for a drink at the Roxy cinema, a beautiful Art Deco cinema owned and restored by Peter Jackson among others. It had Gandalf keeping an eye on things out side.


We didn't get much opportunity to visit many of the locations from the films, for some reason the rest of the family didn't think that would be interesting... But we did pay a visit to Mount Victoria (just of the centre of Wellington which was the location for the hobbits first encounter with a Black rider in Fellowship of the Ring.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Yarny update

Sorry it's taken me so long to update again, life has been busy.  However that means that I'm choosing to relax with my knitting so I have plenty of progress to share.

First up, I have finally got round to blocking my Curious Collective 2014 Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I finished this back last Autumn so it's been waiting for a while. What I've still not managed to find is the time to get some photos of me wearing it!
Knit in Eden Cottage Yarns Titus in Damson and Steel.

I've made great progress on my Manu cardigan by Kate Davies.  The body and sleeves are done and I'm about to join them together for the yoke.

Knit in Wensleydale Long Wool.

Next is a project I haven't blogged before. I started the Hartfield shawl by Ann Kingstone back in March.  I bought the pattern and cashmere yarn off Ann at the first Yarndale.  I'm around a third of the way through the shawl.


Also on the yarny theme, at the beginning of June it was the Leeds Wool Festival.  This is held at Armley Mills, a mill complex that was at one point in the eighteenth century the largest woolen mill in the world and is now a museum.


A view out across some of the mill buildings to the River Aire

 Bunting along the Mill garden


and of course there were sheep and alpaca


My spoils from the day!

I haven't forgotton about posting the rest of our New Zealand trip, I'm hoping I might get another post up this week (fingers crossed!)