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Flosstube #14 - End of Year Wrap Up

Stitching Finishes The Drawn Thread - Happy Halloween The Scarlet Letter - Dorothy Walpole Olde Colonial Designs - Pin Wheelie Finished & Finished The Victoria Sampler, Designs by Cathy Jean - Winter Fawn The Workbasket - Snowy, Snowy Night WIP's Forget Me Nots in Stitches - CMB 1759 Eva Lotta Hansen - Whitework Sampler Landmark Tapestries - Stained Glass Sunflower Forget Me Nots in Stitches - Mistress L's Sampler Stash Fabric -  Zweigart 40 count Cream, Weeks Dye Works 35 count Confederate Grey Hands Across the Sea Samplers - Ann Morrison, Heather M. Jardine Pineberry Lane - Sarah Platt  Shakespeare's Peddler - Maria Phinney Knitting Finishes Impressionist Shawl - Curious Handmade Shell Cottage Socks - Curious Handmade Flax Light Sweater - Tin Can Knits Doll - AK Traditions Starts Sprites Fen Shawl - Curious Handmade Cliff Walk Socks - Curious Handmade WIP's Incunbula Cardigan - Karie Westermann Stash Meadow Yarn - Lythe  Quilting WIP's The Name of the Rose -

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