Progress w/e 4th March

I was unable to post last week as we were away for the weekend celebrating Rosalin's birthday.  It doesn't seem like ten years since I was posting to announce her arrival, but apparently it is!

As she has got thoroughly into Harry Potter in the last couple of years we asked if she would like to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on her birthday, naturally she said yes!

Given we were on the tour on her birthday, she got to open the door into the Great Hall!  I took lots of photo's as you might imagine,  here are a few highlights.

There were a few questions about weather we would be able to make it down to Watford, were the Warner Brothers studio is based as the UK was suffering the worst winter weather we have known for seven years.  The kids have had three snow days over the last week and my work was even shut for a couple of days (something that no-one could remember happening before).  Fortunately although it was snowing when we travelled down it wasn't so bad that we couldn't get through.

Now onto the crafting:

Stitching:  I have finished another side panel on Jackie du Plessis's One moment in Time.  That's three down, five left to go!  


I find that I end up doing a fair bit of frogging on the outlines as cream on cream is hard to see.  I was trying to use my magnets to indicate where I'm up to but someone else had other ideas


For March, I have got The Drawn Thread's Prairie Garden back out.  I was working on this the weekend we were away so there wasn't a lot of progress on this one.


Knitting:  I have made good progress on Citron Grande,  I have finished section 4 and have started section 5.  I think progress on this one may start to slow down as the row's are starting to get rather long.


I have almost reached the end of the first sleeve on Rosalin's Hoodie, I just have a couple of rows to go and I can cast it off.

On the reading front I haven't finished any books but I have had a couple of new acquisitions.  I got my first full pay check as a permanent member of  staff in February and it included a nice tax refund so I decided to treat myself to a years Persephone Books subscription.  I received my first months book, 'Someone at a distance' by Dorothy Whipple.


I also picked up a new edition of 'Marriage' by Susan Ferrier which has been republished by Virago Modern Classics.  To celebrate the 40th birthday of the Modern classics, Virago have decided to reinstate their iconic green spines which pleases me no end.  As a teenager I would go round the library choosing all the books with green spines!



Carol said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter, Karoline! They do grow up quickly! I can hardly believe my oldest will be 36 next week :)

Lovely stitching and knitting--especially like the DT piece.

Hope your snow has melted--I'm sure it is a huge headache when the entire country was so affected by that storm!
Penny said…
Happy birthday, Rosalin! Sometimes I look at baby pictures and then think of my children today, and it is hard to imagine all of that time passing -- seemingly so quickly. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday celebration. Glad you didn't let the snow stop you. Your stitching is always so pretty as is your knitting. I love your little helper -- where would we be without them? : ) It is nice to treat yourself sometimes -- enjoy your new books.
Margaret said…
Love seeing the pics from the HP Studio tour. What a special day for Rosie! Happy belated birthday to her! Your progress pics all look great. As does that book. I'd love to do a Persephone subscription, but it's rather prohibitive for me here.
Many happy returns to the birthday girl. A lovely day out by the look of things. The weather was brutal for this time of year Karoline. I love your helper - a most gorgeous colour of fur. I also adore your header.
woolwoman said…
it was so fun seeing the children and your DH at the Harry Potter studio. great photos of such a neat place. I bet Rosie did enjoy opening that huge door. 10 yrs - so amazing - I remember when she was a toddler. another wonderful things about blogs - you become friends with people and share their lives basically. FB is Ok but never will replace a blog which to me is an online journal of your lives highlights and heartaches too. Loved seeing your wonderful stitching and your Citron is coming along beautifully. I love seeing the snow but I'm sure that's because I never get to see snow and don't have the mess to deal with. Happy St Pats day - probably not something you celebrate in Merry Ole England - cheers Mel
Brigitte said…
Happy belated birthday to your daughter. She must have had a real fun day.
Great stitching, I particularly love the Drawn Thread piece. I have only stitched one of the gardens, I think it was the Alpine Garden. But the others are still waiting to be stitched.

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