Progress w/e 18th March

Stitching: I've spent the last couple of weeks progressing Jackie du Plessis 'One Moment in Time' , I am almost at the half way point with the side panels for the bag, four of the eight sides are done & I am onto the second of the four pockets.  I much prefer working on the pocket pieces, they have more of the floral design so are much more fun to stitch.


Knitting: I have worked on both of my current wips over the last fortnight, however I only got a handful of rows done on my Citron Grand so I don't have a new photo,  but I did move onto the second sleeve on Rosie's Hoodie.


There was also some new stash that arrived in the last couple of weeks, sadly Isla at BritYarn announced that she was closing up shop so I *had* to have one last shop with her:  I got two sweater quantities of West Yorkshire Spinners, Gems in Amethyst and Blue Faced  Leicester in Blueberry, a skein of The Knitting Goddess Britsock in Plum and some stitch markers.  Isla very kindly put in an book of crochet patterns for Rosie as the pair of them have had some good conversations about crochet at various yarny events.

I also decided it was about time I invested in a swift and have been browsing Etsy looking for just the right one.  I found what I was looking for at Windy Hill Woodworks.  


This is also by the way of a consolation for not being able to go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival (maybe next year)

Reading:  I've finished a couple of books since I last posted: 
The first one was 'The Witches of Chiswick' by Robert Rankin,  it was great to be back in Brentford and the Flying Swan with Neville (the part-time bar man) lovingly pouring pints of Large.  The previous book of Rankin's I tried to read I didn't finish, so it was a relief to see he was back on form with this one.

I followed this up with a complete change of style by picking up Kate Morton's 'The House at Riverton'  which was a thoroughly enjoyable read.  I did guess most of the plot twists but not so far ahead that it spoilt it for me.


It was Mothering Sunday here last weekend and the children treated me to a couple of new books,  Lyndall Gordon's biography of Emily Dickenson and A Secret Sisterhood by Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney.

Finally we had another dump of snow this weekend as you can see Florence is toughing it out!



Brigitte said…
Nice progress. And the new yarns that you "had" to order before the closing of the shop have awesome colours.
Margaret said…
Always enjoy catching up with you. I was sorry to hear about Brityarn closing shop. As for the snow, we seem to be scheduled to have more snow too, and another possible nor'easter. Where did spring go?
geeky Heather said…
Ooo, I love Jackie's designs! Lovely swift...some day I will get a better one...and a better ball winder...
Carol said…
Pretty stitching and knitting, Karoline... I always enjoy Kate Morton's books--will have to check this one out :)
Penny said…
What pretty stitching, Karoline! And look at all of that beautiful yarn! Glad you have enjoyed your reading -- I'm having a tough time in that area right now. And snow, yeah, I'm with Florence -- I just want someone to wake me when spring finally arrives. : )
woolwoman said…
is Mothering Day the same as our Mothers Day? I figure it is so I hope you had a happy one - I know you are a good mom ! Sorry your fave shop is closing - always a sad affair as there are rarely any new ones to take their place. Can't wait to see Rosie wearing her hoodie. It's still cool here in the deep south so I am still knitting quite a bit. Trying to finish a huge poncho before it starts getting hot again - cheers and happy knitting - Mel
Sheryl S. said…
Pretty stitching and beautiful new yarn, sad when a favourite shop closes
It's funny but EYF is on my doorstep and I've never felt the inclination to go. I like your choice of swift. I must post a pic of the one I use - I couldn't do without it. Hope Spring is making an appearance in your part of the country Karoline.

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