Progress w/e 18th February

You get two weeks for the for the price of one in this post,  I was ill last week so I was unable to update here.

I made a milestone on 'One moment in Time' by Jackie du Plessis when I finished the first of the pocket panels.  I have now stitched a quarter of what is needed.  The pocket was fun to stitch as it was a break from the endless outlining in cream on cream,  that has been seriously kicking me in the backside!


I have also made some progress on Just Nan's Bee Hive Violets, it's such a fun design to stitch.


There has also been a small amount of stash acquisition.  I placed an order with Fobbles for Ann Grant 1829 by Shakespeare's Peddler which went on my wish list after seeing Nicole show her finished sampler on her Flosstube.  I also had to get Plum Street Samplers Judge Not, such a cute design.


I have been continuing to work on my Citron Grand shawl.  I am enjoying knitting this one much more than I was expecting too, I am up to section 4. 


I also feel like I am getting there with Rosie's Hoodlie,  I finished up the front and am well on the way up the first sleeve.


Since my last update I have finished two books.  The first was 'Age of Empire' by Eric Hobsbawn, this was written in the Seventies and while interesting I'm not sure that all his analysis has aged well.  


In the photo you can also see my current socks in progress, the Bob socks by Louise Tilbrook knit in British Wool and Nylon from The Knitting Goddess in the Distressed Pudding colour.


My next book was an utterly delightful read although it still managed to punch me in the gut before the end.  'Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary' is the first of Ruby Ferguson's adult books I've read although I read all her 'Pony' books as a child.


I also picked up a couple of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer reprints to add to my collection. I was missing 'Seven Scamps'  and 'Heather Leaves School'  from the La Rochelle series.


butterfly said…
Lovely stitching and knitting .
Hope you are feeling better.
Margaret said…
Nice to catch up with you and see all your pretty stitching and knitting. Interesting to hear about your reading too.
Carol said…
Looks like you've had a very productive month, Karoline--love the stitching projects and your knitting is looking wonderful. I'm sure Rosie will love it :)
So many people have been unwell Karoline, I hope you're feeling much better. Lovely stitching and knitting as always and I do enjoy your book reviews.
Sheryl S. said…
Beautiful work, both stitched designs and gorgeous knitting. I like the colours you have chosen. I always enjoy book reviews although I don´t have much time for reading anymore.

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