2017 Knitting Finishes

As always I had hoped  to post again a bit sooner than this, however there have been a big change in my life - a new job that means that my time is even more squeezed than it was before!  So this will be my last post for 2017 and as I haven't shared anything here are all my knitting finishes for the year.

It's been a very productive knitting year, I've finished four shawls, two pairs of socks and several blanket squares.

First the shawls, three of them are designs by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.  The first finish was the Snowmelt Mystery Knit Along that Helen hosted around the start of the year.



I used Kettle Yarn Co Islington 4ply in  the Blighty, Siren Call and l'Heure bleue colourways.

The next one finished was the Whispering Island shawl. I had a quantity of Rowanspun DK in deep stash that wasn't enough for a sweater but more than the pattern called for so I knit a couple of extra pattern repeats to use the yarn up.  The result is a lovely large shawl to wrap myself up in.

The final design of Helen's that I knit was the Spindrift Shawl, she offers this design as a free online class through her website.  I knit this in Shingle Oak Sock in the Pansy colourway from Yarn Garden.


After I finished Whispering Island I felt that I needed to knit a shawl by a different designer so I cast on a Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook in a skein of Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn in the K1 colourway.


The socks were both knit in Discworld inspired colourways from The Knitting Goddess using my regular plain vanilla sock pattern, the first are in Salamander Flash from the 2016 Back to the Discworld yarn club.


And Mathematical Camel Spit, I don't have a photo of the finished socks but here is a progress shot that will give you an idea of the colour


I also knit some blanket squares for a communal blanket project that was a wedding gift for a mutual friend. All yarn was left over 4ply from my stash and the pattern is the Barn Raising Quilt Square.


There you have it a wrap up of my 2017 knitting.  I'm hoping to get back soon in the New Year with my goals for the year but in the meantime I hope you all have had a good Christmas (if you celebrate it) and I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year.


butterfly said…

Lovely knitting I see you have been so busy with your knitting .
All the best for the New Year.
Jackie said…
You've had a productive year! Congratulations on the new job! Happy new year!
woolwoman said…
congratulations on your new position Karoline - I certainly wish you well! Loved seeing all the knitting finishes - All new to me and I enjoyed knowing about the Barn raising squares - that is an interesting pattern i'll have to look for on Rav.
Happy Boxing Day to you ! hope 2018 is a fantastic one for you and your family
Margaret said…
Congratulations on the new job! I hope you like it a lot. Love seeing all your knitting finishes. They are all beautiful! And you are lucky enough to have a daughter who enjoys crafts too! Happy New Year!
herecomesajla said…
Love your post dear ♥
If you want you can check out my blog.I write about fashion,beauty and lifestyle.Maybe we can follow each other and be great blogger friends !


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