Wrapping Up 2016

I have a couple of major finishes to share with you all before the end of the year. 
First I have finally finished a pair of quilts that I was making for Rosie and her teddy.  I had got the tops pieced back in 2014 from a matching layer cake and charm pack (I have no record that I can find of the fabric line).  I made a determined effort this year to finish them both off,  I have joined my local Modern Quilters Guild in order to make some dedicated time for quilting.  

Rosie was keeping a close eye on progress and as soon as they were finished she whisked them off and put them on her bed.

Rosie's Quilt

Teddy was also thrilled with his quilt!

My other big finish is my Hartfield Shawl,  I finished the knitting in October but for a variety of reasons I wasn't able to get it blocked until this week.   This is a design by Ann Kingstone and I used a skein of her 'Chuffed' cashmere, I purchased both the pattern and yarn at my first Yarndale.  

It's also fair to say that chuffed is also a good description of how I'm feeling about the finished shawl!


Another small finish that is off the needles is a new winter hat as my other wool hats have gone walkabout.  Christopher has taken up football this year and a woolly hat is essential wear for training sessions.


This is another knit from the Drift Collection from Eden Cottage Yarns, Beulah Hat by Clare Devine. I knit this in Wensleydale Long Wool from my stash.

I think this wraps up my finishes for this year, it's been quite a stressful year here which explains why there is more knitting than anything else this year.  I find it much more relaxing to knit than stitch when I'm tired and stressed.

Fingers crossed 2017 will be much steadier as I would like to try to finish more stitching wips next year as well as making more time to be more generally creative.  

The one positive from this year is that I appear to have regained my reading mojo back. I'm on track to meet my goal of reading 36 books this year, I'm at 35 books so far. I just have to finish my current read 'Hat full of Sky' by Terry Pratchett before the year end which will not be difficult. Next year I am going to try for 4 books per month.

I'm also determined to try to blog more frequently next year so I have been giving some thought to the best way to achieve thisUltimately to more time I get to knit, stitch and sew the more I am likely to blog as I will have more to share!

I hope that you all have a good new year and that 2017 is kind to you.    


butterfly said…

Lovely post , you have made some beautiful things , looks like you have been very busy .
Happy New Year.
woolwoman said…
what a great blog post Karoline ! Love Rosie's and Teddy's quilts. You are so talented - I didn't know you were a quilter too! The Hatfield shawl looks like quite an accomplishment, sometimes lace and I don't get along too well. This is stunning. I love your new hat too, I love Wensleydale wool - I bet it will keep out any wind that might be about. I agree with what you said about knitting is more relaxing than stitching, my eyes don't seem to be holding up too well lately but I do have a big -0- birthday coming in 2017 (sigh) I was stitching mostly 36ct and now I'm sliding back to buying only 32ct. I have a ton of WIP's on 36ct but I have purged all my 40ct projects except for 2 - so onward and upward - here's to a happy 2017 for you and your family - hugs Mel
Andrea said…
Love the quilts. Your shawl and hat are great too. Oh dear, you're not going to be shouting from the touchline are you!
Here's hoping for a Happy New Year ... stress-free.
Dawn Beck said…
Those are all amazing finishes and you should definitely be feeling reet chuffen with thisen!
Carol said…
You are so talented in so many areas, Karoline! I love the quilt and the shawl and hat are perfect, too!

Wishing you and your family every happiness in 2017!
Margaret said…
Love all your finishes. The quilts are wonderful, and your shawl is gorgeous! Lace knitting scares me. lol! Love the hat as well! Happy 2017! Hope it's less stressful for you.
Von said…
Happy New Year, Karoline!
I love all your projects and hope you have many more to share this year!
Lots of beautiful work Karoline, the whole blogging issue seems to have hit lots of us. I agree that the more you make the more you are likely to share.

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