Stitching Update

It's been a while since I shared my progress on my stitching projects.  Progress is still somewhat slow but I recently invested in a new toy to help.  My eyes have been struggling with the stitching on 40 count on Dorothy Walpole, I suspect that I need new glasses but for the time being a magnifier is helping a lot!

Steadily working my way through the bargello


One project that is getting close to a finish is 'Flowers of the Field' by The Sampler House (Eileen Bennett)


I also started a new small project - 'My Love I do give thee' an old free pattern by Barrick Samplers. I should point out that the couple do not look quite so much like members of the undead in person!


I'm very fortunate this year that I am getting to take a class with Jackie Du Plessis of 'It's Fine-ally Finished' when she's teaching in the UK in October.  The class I'm taking is 'September Morning' as you can see the kit got a lot of attention when it arrived..


I'm loving the delicate vintage look of the design that I have done so far.



Jackie said…
You are working on gorgeous projects! A magnifier and a good light helps so much. Very fortunate to get a class with Jackie! Your prestitching looks amazing!
I had no idea Jackie was teaching here! I am sure it is full but can you tell me where and when so I can keep an eye out for future opportunities? I am actually in the US for half of October so maybe it wouldn't have worked anyway, but I am jealous!

Godalming, UK
butterfly said…
You are working on some wonderful designs.
I always have to have a magnifer at hand.
Mii Stitch said…
What beautiful projects to be working on..... I too have to use a magnifier.... for 16 count!!!! :) I must be getting old :D
Carol said…
So glad the magnifier is coming in handy for your stitching, Karoline--your projects are lovely!
Sally said…
Your stitching is beautiful Karoline. You are stitching on gorgeous pieces.
Andrea said…
Wonderful pieces to be stitching. I do like the kit you have for the class, really pretty.
woolwoman said…
some beautiful stitching going on at your house Karoline! love everything - so wonderful you are able to take a class with Jackie in the fall. Hope you and your family are gearing up for a great summer - Mel
Brigitte said…
The two samplers you are working on are just gorgeous. I only stitch with a magnifier, no matter what fabric count, it's so much easier on the eyes.
Lovely prove t that you are working on for the class with Jackie.
Margaret said…
All of your stitching is wonderful! Beautiful and inspiring. I actually wear magnifying glasses (or readers) on top of my glasses -- or in front of them. I need a longer nose. lol!
Kaisievic said…
Lovely samplers and your new project looks so pretty.
Chris said…
What beautiful stitching!!
Rachel said…
Beautiful stitching, that lovely couple is adorable. Thank you for sharing!:)

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