Honey Bee Sweater

Sorry for disappearing for so long, I hadn't planned on it but you know 'life'

While I was on my break I finished knitting Rosie's Honey Bee Sweater.  This is a design by Dani Sunshine from Eden Cottage Yarn's Drift Collection.  I knit this in the recommended Whitfell DK in the colour way Misty Woods.  Whitfell DK is a baby alpaca yarn and was a dream to knit with.

Rosie was very pleased with her new sweater and spent a good while bouncing around the room going 'I love, love, love my new sweater!'  

A close up of the yoke detail (the colour is more accurate in the other pictures) 

Now I have to knit another one for Christopher, he has chosen the Charcoal colour for his version.



Melissa said…
What a lovely sweater. Rosie is looking very pretty in it, and more grown up too.
Margaret said…
Beautiful sweater on a beautiful girl! Hope Christopher's sweater goes well!
Carol said…
Aww... that is so sweet that Rosie loves her new sweater, Karoline. She truly does look beautiful in that color :)
Brigitte said…
Rosie looks great in her new sweater. The colour and the pattern are so beautiful.
Hmmm, at a certain age boys aren't in love with colours, it seems. But Christopher will love his sweater a lot as well:))
woolwoman said…
Gorgeous sweater for Rosie and she is such a beautiful little girl. I know she must be so proud of her lovely sweater. Nice color for Christopher too. Knit on ! Mel
Andrea said…
A beautiful sweater, a very pretty colour too. Rosie is growing up so fast. Christopher has chosen well for his sweater too.

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