Take a Lovely Sampler

Last time that I shared my progress on Forget Me Nots in Stitches 'Take a Lovely Sampler' I had just finished the top of the pincushion. Since then I have also finished the bottom.


The final piece of this set is the reticule. If any of you are familiar with Lauren's designs you will know that some of them involve a huge amount of stitching, this is definitely the case with this one.  I have got the reticule outlined and at the moment I am filling in the textured background.  Unfortunately this doesn't make for particularly exciting photos.  


I took this class with Lauren back in 2006 (ahem!) so I am hoping that I can get the stitching finished this year.


oooooh what a Gorgeous pincushion your stitching! LOVE the colors and the design.
Good for you picking up an older wip! It's stunning!
love Annette
Blu said…
What a pretty pincushion! Are you going to assemble it soon or is that for another day?
Margaret said…
This is such a lovely piece! Looking forward to seeing more!
Her designs are very intricate but beautiful once stitched. This one looks lovely indeed.
woolwoman said…
We had Lauren teach for us in September and she brought a trunk show of finished designs and kits for them. Her work is just to marvel at. Your piece will be so beautiful. Its slow going but they are definitely worth the effort. Cheers Mel
Brigitte said…
This will be a wonderful piece from what can be already seen by your stitching.
Carol said…
What a lovely pincushion this will be, Karoline--so intricate and such beautiful colors :)
The design on the pincushion is lovely, very springlike! The background does look like a lot of work, but worth it in the end!
I must tell my son that you are knitting with Gaspode too, hope his fur isn't too itchy!

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