New Zealand part 1

Sorry to have been so hit and miss as a blogger this year, my bloging mojo has taken a nose dive and I'm still trying to catch up with my blog reading so I'm sorry if I've not been commenting much either.

However I'm determined to get going again so I've finally sorted through some of the New Zealand photo's to share.  These are from the first week of our holiday, which we spent at my sisters house in Wellington.  As a result this is a very photo heavy post.

About to board at Heathrow

One of the first stops was Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand as they had a dinosaur exhibit on that Christopher was desperate to see.


There is a lot of great street art round Wellington


We had a day exploring the Botanic Gardens







Then took the Cable Car back down the hill.


Leisurely Saturday lunch at the Chocolate Fish Cafe


We got up close with the wildlife at Zealandia


These Takahe had a very good go at trying to nick our lunch!







The view over Wellington from the hills behind my sister's house


Of course no visit to Wellington would be complete without a trip to Nancys and a little stash enhancement.


Rosie came into Nancys with me and was very taken with a kit for felt finger puppets. She then spent her free time over the next couple of days sewing



Brigitte said…
Thank you so much for sharing some of the pictures you were taking during your trip to New Zealand. I always love doing some armchair travelling.
butterfly said…
Wonderful photos thanks for sharing.
Margaret said…
Lovely to see Wellington through your eyes. I spent my teenage years there so know the City well and since then have deposited a few dollars at Nancy's!! Did Rosie enjoy her finished puppets?
Dani - tkdchick said…
What an awesome adventure!
What gorgeous Photos! Thank you so much for sharing! the mirth on the faces of your little ones tell the story! :)
woolwoman said…
fantastic Karoline - it was so great to see a piece of NZ. the children looked like they really enjoyed the adventure. Nice stash for mom! hope there is a part 2 ? thanks for sharing Mel
Andrea said…
Stunning photos from New Zealand. Thank you for sharing those.
Wonderful photos Karoline, so good to see your two little ones having such a great time.
It's an amazing country, so beautiful. Seeing Rosie working on the felt finger puppets was fun - could she be taking after her mum!!
Sally said…
Oh wow what beautiful photos from your trip.

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