Deco - finally

Sorry about the delay between posts, I'm still working my way through all the New Zealand photos (told you there where a lot!)

Meanwhile here are a couple of knitting finishes.  I actually got Deco finished before we went on holiday but didn't manage to get any pictures taken. As we actually had a sunny bank holiday weekend here for Easter I persuaded Dave to take some photo's.


Deco by Kate Davies knit in Wensleydale Long Wool

I'm sat on my front doorstep which is one of my favourite places for some al fresco knitting and it was so lovely that I got the socks that I was working on finished.  These are for Christopher and he choose the wool himself.


Basic top down Children's sock
 knit in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply in Pheasant


They were a big hit, he refused to take them off, they even had to be worn to bed!


Your cardi looks great Karoline, love the colour too.
What better praise could you have for the socks:-)
Andrea said…
Your cardigan looks fantastic, love the colour. Socks are great too, I'm not surprised your son didn't want to take them off.
Margaret said…
Love your cardy! Love Christopher's socks too -- he has good taste in yarn! So cute that he didn't want to take them off.
Jackie said…
Love someone who doesn't want to take off their hand knits!

Your cardigan is fantastic. It looks like it fits you really well.
Carol said…
You look so pretty in that lovely colored cardigan, Karoline--wonderful piece you made! And Christopher's socks are so cute--made all the more special because mommy knit them with love :)
Melissa said…
Great socks! I can't believe how big Christopher is now!
woolwoman said…
OH your Deco is gorgeous! Love the color and it looks so beautiful in the bright sunny spot you choose to knit. Christopher is growing up so much - glad he loved those socks so much. Wish I had the courage to try Deco, such a lovely design. Nice to see a post from you - hope you had a nice Easter - Mel
Anonymous said…

Just found your blog.
Your knitting is amazing, love the socks!
Your stitching is very pretty too.
Happy Tuesday x
Mii Stitch said…
Great socks!! :D
Lois said…
Love the socks! Christopher made a good choice!! Your Deco is lovely too. The weather was so enjoyable last week, for us it's now back to rain and cooler temps but it was nice while it lasted!
Brigitte said…
This cardigan is so beautiful and a great colour on you. And how your little son loves his new socks.
That is so sweet and someone who appreciates your beautiful work.
Your cardigan is beautiful!! Lovely spot for needlework and great lighting - LOL!
love Annette

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