A quick stitching update

As you might imagine the last couple of months have not been conducive to making lots of progress on my stitching. However I did manage to get The Drawn Thread's Winter Spot finished

This is the last of the seasonal spots (I stitched the rest back in 2009) so I'm toying with how to finish them.  A stitcher I used to know finished them as a etui so I'm thinking about doing the same.

Slow progress continues on Dorothy Walpole, I'm almost at the bottom of the first section of the pattern. I'm looking forward to turning the page to a new section!


I've worked on Anniversary Roses and Flowers of the Field but progress was so minimal so there are no photo's yet.


Carol said…
I've always loved those Drawn Thread designs--Winter Spot looks so cute! Hope you're having a great summer with the kids, Karoline :)
Margaret said…
Summer is always a busy time with the kids home from school and doing summer things. Good for you for finishing the DT piece. Dorothy is looking great too!
Nice to see a stitching update Karoline, Dorothy Walpole is a pretty sampler.
geeky Heather said…
Congratulations on finishing Winter Spot! What about making them all into a four-sided cube? LOL..."four-sided cube" makes no sense geometrically, but maybe you know what I mean. =)
woolwoman said…
glad you got a finish on the DT spot to spur you along with your stitching in the midst of your busy summer. Hope you gather the time for a few more stitches. Mel
Sally said…
Love your Winter Spot. I stitched these a few years ago and love them.

Lovely progress on Dorothy Walpole.

Penny said…
What a pretty finish! And Dorothy is beautiful! I would love to stitch her someday when I feel like tackling all of the specialty stitches. :)
Brigitte said…
All these Drawn Thread spots are so lovely and make great projects. I'M very curious to see what you will come up with.
Nice progress on Dorothy.
Andrea said…
Beautiful stitching, I'm intrigued with how you finish your 'Spots'. Great progress on Dorothy too.
Anonymous said…
Spot came about great! Am curious to see how these will finish up as an etui.

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