Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yarn Along

It's time for my update for Yarn Along. I'm making good progress on Christopher's jumper, I'm only a few rows away from finishing the front.


On the reading front I finished Jane Rushbridge's Rook, I found it increasingly engrossing as I read.  Now I'm re-reading Anthony Trollope's The Warden and I'm hugely enjoying reacquainting myself with the denizens of Barchester.


Margaret said...

Such a nice jumper! I need to read more Trollope. Always mean to do that.

butterfly said...

Looking great love the colour.

Bekca said...

Lovely work, such a great colour. If you get a chance, do pop over to my blog. I think you might like what you read :)
Best wishes.

Polyrhythm said...

I'm over here from Yarn Along, I couldn't help but be drawn by that lovely blue - and those sequins! It looks like the night sky :)

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, you were very productive and made some nice progress on the sweater.