Yarn Along

I had to miss last weeks Yarn Along as I was out of the house all day last Wednesday so this is a catch up post for two weeks


I'm back working on Deco after I finished the next pattern repeat on the Willow shawlette.  I've made a good start on the second sleeve,  I've picked up the stitches round the armhole and I'm working my way round working them into sleeve.


My progress on Willow

Reading wise I finished the John Cheever that I was reading.  You can see my write up about the book on the book club blog.  I then read Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce for the Cornflower Book Group.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am mystified as to why I had never read it before as it was exactly the type of book that I loved as a child.  You can see the groups thoughts on  the Cornflower book blog.  Now I'm back reading She Rises by Kate Worsley.  I actually started this back in October but it kept getting put down which has meant that I've struggled to get into the story but now I've picked it up to finish.


Margaret said…
Love both your projects -- love purple!
Lois said…
Lovely knitting! I remember loving Tom's Midnight Garden when I read it (many, many years ago now!!!!).
Carol said…
Lovely work, Karoline, and thanks for the book suggestions. I've never heard of Tom's Midnight Garden, but I enjoy children's literature so I will check to see if my library has a copy.
Anne said…
It's so pretty so far Karoline. Love that colour for the shawl!!

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