No stitching to share this week I'm afraid as I'm working on a piece for an exchange.  So instead an update on Deco,  I'm almost finished with the sleeve now.

Deco by Kate Davies in Wensleydale Long Wool in Aubergine

I've also worked on the pieced bowl from the Harrogate Show.  I've done the embellishment on the poinsettia panels and now I'm stitching up the outside panels.

It was Rosie's Nativity play this afternoon and I had the option of taking her home once it had finished.  However Rosie decided that she would rather stay at school than come home early.  I really have the oddest child! So I sat in the car and finished the grafting on the current sock in progress.

Basic Top Down Sock in Zauberball Indian Rose


Carol said…
How nice that Rosie loves school so much!! I would have been the same way :)

Lovely projects and how nice that you have something with you to work on while you wait, Karoline!
Margaret said…
All are lovely! The sweater looks so great! I love that Rosie would rather be in school. I think one of my kids opted for that once when they were that young too.
woolwoman said…
can't wait to see Deco finished. Hope you get it done to wear this season - I hear it's very cold over there. It's been abnormally hot here with record highs this past week. Hope you and your family are having a lovely holiday season - Mel
Erica said…
I just love the colors of your knitting! Look forward to seeing the finished products.
I am hoping to do some knitting soon although I really need some improvement in that area! LOL!
Sally said…
Deco is looking lovely. Love that colour.
Giovanna said…
Lovely knitting! What gorgeous colours on the sock.
butterfly said…
Lovely knitting and sewing.
Anne said…
Beautiful sweater Karoline!! Love the sewing octagon box too. So glad to hear Rosie loves going to school!!
Brigitte said…
This sweater has such a great colour. Love it. Nice progress on your other projects.
Children can be quite contrary at times. Lovely knitting and sewing - at least you were prepared and had something you could work on whilst waiting.
Solstitches said…
Your cardigan is looking good - love the colour.
Pretty socks too!

Shebafudge said…
Lovely progress on everything. The colours are absolutely gorgeous on each piece and I really love the colour of the bottom one in particular.

I have a child just like your Rosie. Even when she should still be in bed when she's ill, she wants to go into school. She's 14 now so I don't suppose there is much hope of her ever changing.

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