I have managed to carve out some time for updating here, I've been meaning to for over a week but the opportunity hasn't presented it's self until now.

The big thing since I last posted is that I've finished the cross stitch on Mermaid Heart

Just Nan - Mermaid Heart copyright 2006
using the recommended fabric and silks

After that I pulled my oldest class project from the WIPS pile and finished the stitching on the scissor fob for CA Wells Counterpane Sewing Case, a class I took back in 2005.  As you can see I'm determined to finish this one next year! 

Counterpane Sewing Case copyright CA Wells 2004  
stitched using kit materials

The weekend before last was also the annual Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.  I went on the Sunday this year for the first time and as it was noticeably quieter than when I've been before, I may well do it again in future.

My friend Kate's stall.

Something else that I did for the first time this year was to take a workshop.  It was to make a pieced patchwork basket taught by Sally Holman and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is my progress at the end of the hour. 


Of course I couldn't go to the show without shopping!  My main purchase was the chart for The Drawn Thread's Toccata no. 4, I also got another shawl pattern from Victoria at Eden Valley Yarns called Ullswater.


Then several 'bits': I needed another circular needle for Deco and I also picked up some more stitch markers.  I picked up some cute pins for finishing pinkeeps and a bundle of wool felt.



Jackie said…
The Toccata series is so pretty. My guild SAL this year was Tocatta I (which I need to pull out and work on). I look forward to seeing your progress.

I have a few WIPs that I hope to finish next year. And a couple of new starts too. Do you have a Christmas or New Years start planned?

Congrats on you Mermaid's Heart finish. The colors are so pretty and work together really well!
woolwoman said…
how do you plan to finish the Mermaid JN piece? so pretty - I'm glad you had a great time at the fiber show and found some great products to purchase. enjoy the new toys Mel
Margaret said…
Oh nice shopping! That show looks wonderful! Love your stitching too. Congrats on finishing Mermaid's Heart!
Carol said…
How nice that you got to attend the show in a quieter time, Karoline--that way you were able to really look things over well. Lovely purchases--Drawn Thread charts are wonderful... As is your Mermaid's Heart finish :)
butterfly said…
Great stitching , Looks like a very good show.
We have another one here end of January .
Mii Stitch said…
Beautiful finish on Mermaid Heart!!!
Brigitte said…
Looks beautiful, your finished Mermaid Heart.
It's always interesting to visit a craft show, there's always so much to look at and to discover. Great new stash. And a great workshop.
Giovanna said…
Lovely finish, congrats! The colours are so pretty. And well done on the new stash :-)
Melissa said…
Congrats on finishing the Mermaid's Heart! Such pretty colours!

BTW, can you buy those cute pins (for pinkeeps) online? I have always wondered where to buy them.
I love to see what other stitcher's buy. You stitch some lovely designs Karoline. I like working with circular needles for everything, they are so much easier on the hands and wrists.
Patrizia Valle said…
Congrats! It looks great!
Andrea said…
Congratulations on your Mermaids Heart finish. Your other piece looks so delcate. Great new stash too. It's good to be able to actually see things at a show instead of trying to battle your way through.
Babs said…
Very beautiful and nice new stash
Hazel said…
That is looking stunning! I didnt realise the stitching show was on. Oh well, one year I will make it. x
Anne said…
Mermaid's heart is so gorgeous! Those colours are beautiful. So bright and cheery. Tocatta is a lovely design and I'm sure you will enjoy working on it.
Solstitches said…
I adore anything to do with mermaids and this piece is so very pretty.
If there's one thing I miss living here in Spain it is being able to attend a knitting and stitching show.
Kate's stand looks very tempting and I'm envious that you get to see the beautiful Eden yarns in person.
Looking forward to seeing the shawl you are going to make.

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