Theme-a-licious Wrap Up - Sampler September

My focusing on Juda Hale this month has paid off as I am down to the final section. Unfortunately this section includes some more of the expletive deleted eyelets so progress has slowed down a bit.
(Sorry for the slightly blown photo, it was taken with my phone as I didn't get round to taking the big camera out)


Juda Hale School Sampler in Miniature copyright Eileen Bennett 2004

  Stitched using the kit materials

The theme for this month is 'Opulent October -It's time to don your tiaras and bring the bling! Stitch on projects with sparkly fibers, beads or charms.'  As I have no projects that fill that criteria I'm taking the opportunity to start a new project 'Mermaids Heart' by Just Nan. It has Accenture, beads charms and I have the luscious silk pack so I'm going to enjoy this one.  My main aim for October however is to finish Juda Hale. 


Margaret said…
Your Juda Hayle is looking so pretty! Hope you meet your goal and finish it this month.
Anne said…
It's beautiful Karoline! Love this design!!
Melissa said…
You're getting there! Can you hear the cheering section?
butterfly said…
Looking lovely, great job.
Your Juda Hayle is beautiful. You have made great progress. You will meet your goal. love Annette
Giovanna said…
It's looking great! I share your feelings about the eyelets :-)
woolwoman said…
Great progress on Juda - hope you enjoy the bling in your new JN piece. Enjoy! Melody
Sally said…
It looks gorgeous Karoline!

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