Yarn Along

It's time to check in with Ginny for this weeks Yarn Along.


Jumper King Cole pattern 3360

knit in King Cole Galaxy

Knitting: As I mentioned in my previous post I need to redo the neck on Rosie's jumper.  I have made sure that I have the instructions for Jeni's Super Stretch Bind Off to make sure that it fits this time round!

Reading: This week I am reading 'Travels with my Aunt' by Graham Greene as part of the #GreeneforGran read along that Simon of the Savidge Reads blog organised as a tribute to his Gran.  Graham Greene is an author I always thought wasn't for me but I found 'Travels with my Aunt' in the library and decided to give it a go and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will have to try some more sometime.


meggie said…
Lovely knitting and the book sounds great!
Margaret said…
Good luck with the collar -- hope it fits! I have to try that book. I've read other Graham Greene novels but not that one.
butterfly said…
I always seem to make the neck part to tight so now I use a larger needle to cast off.
Looking great, book sounds good I will have to look out for it.
Solstitches said…
I'm sure it'll be second time lucky with the neck of Rosie's jumper.
I've tried that stretchy bind off on a pair of fingerless mitts and it works a treat.
I'm absolutely loving Craftlit so a big thank you for mentioning it in your last post.
Brigitte said…
Good luck (or should I say better luck) with the neck of the jumper. I'm sure this time it will be perfect.
Penny said…
Well, I'll add my good luck wishes for the neck of Rosie's jumper. :) And I've never read anything by Graham Greene - just added this one to my ever growing list. :)
Verry beautiful color !!!! bisous from FRANCE
Anonymous said…
The jumper looks very nice. One question: how is the feel of it with those glitter in it? Is is still soft? I was thinking about using wool like this too be never dared so far.

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