Catching Up

I hadn't planned on leaving it so long between updates but a combination of life being very busy and trying to follow Andy Murray's progress through the Wimbledon Championships has kept me away from the computer.

So this is a quick update of my progress to the end of last month and my stitching plans for the rest of the year.

At the end of June I had my classes with Lauren Sauer of Forget Me Nots in Stitches.  I had a wonderful time as always,unfortunately I didn't managed to get any photos as I was too busy either stitching or talking to get round to it!

I didn't manage to get the stitching finished on 'Along the James River' before the class but I did manage to finish the outer cover during the day.


And back

The second class of the weekend was 'Mistress L's Sampler'  but I didn't get more than a couple of rows in.  It's going to be put to one side for the time being as I want to finish 'Along the James River' first.

I'm making good progress on Rosie's jumper,  I've now finished the back and I've started on the sleeve.

Now onto my plans for the rest of the year.  It's time for me to join back in with Heather and the rest of the Theme-a-licious folks.  

The guidance for July is 'It's time to celebrate! What are you celebrating this year? Stitch on your holiday-related projects, OR find some WIPs you know you'll never finish and set them free'

My celebration for July is getting back to my rotation!  I've enjoyed one-at-a-timeing on the 'Along the James River' but now I'm after a little more variety.  I've decided to focus on four projects and to stitch on each one for a week before swapping over.

My four projects are Hillside Samplings - A Stitch In Pine, Eileen Bennett - Juda Hayle in Miniature,  Forget Me Nots in Stitches - Along the James River and Merry Cox - Basket of Flowers pinkeep from SANQ Spring 2004 (the only new start)

I shall check in next week with my progress to date


Carol R said…
Love your Lauren project.
Great idea to have a 4 week rotation. I have some WIPs. Perhaps I should do the same?
Margaret said…
You're so lucky to take a class with Lauren Sauer. The cover is so beautiful, both front and back! Glad you enjoyed it! Love Rosie's jumper so far too! Yay Murray!!
Carol said…
Wow--your James River piece is stunning, Karoline! Just love the colors you've used. Your class must have been so special :)

Your rotation sounds like a good idea--maybe something I should consider myself!
woolwoman said…
OMGosh - your James River piece is wonderful Karoline ! I'm glad you had fun at the class with Lauren. Hope you enjoy your rotation and Rosie's jumper will be done just in time for fall wearing. Cheers Melody
Sally said…
Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous.

Love the jumper. It's a lovely colour.
butterfly said…
Beautiful work , love your cardigan too.
Anonymous said…

just found your blog.
Your stitching is beautiful and the knitting is very pretty (:
Anne said…
Lovely finish Karoline!! The class must have been a lot of fun to take and to learn new techniques. Lovely sweater start!!
Giovanna said…
Well done on finishing the cover - it's beautiful! I really have to try to get to a Lauren Sauer class if she comes to London again...
What a lovely piece Karoline, lucky you getting to take these classes and good for you setting goals with your stitching.
Penny said…
Beautiful work! I love all of the different stitches. Glad you enjoyed your classes. :)
Kathy Ellen said…
"James River" is absolutely exquisite, Karoline. Your stitching is just beautiful. So happy for you, that your class with Lauren was so enjoyable.

Rosie's jumper is so pretty too.
Hope that you find stitching happiness with your new plans!

Andrea said…
A gorgeous piece, it's so vibrant.
Brigitte said…
A weekly rotation doesn't sound bad, it gives you a bit variety in your stitching. I once tried it myself and it worked for quite a while. Whereas a daily rotation wouldn't work for me.
Loevly project, the River James project. Can't wait to see what you will be doing with the stitching.

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