A Taste of Yorkshire

On Saturday Rosie and I went to the latest York area Clandestine Cake Club meeting.  The Theme for this meeting was 'A Taste of Yorkshire' so I decided to make my Nana's Parkin Recipe (although I had a touch of collapsing cake syndrome.)

The meeting was held at Rachel's house and sponsored by Yorkshire tea,  and we had several tea loafs, a lemon cake and a Wensleydale and Apple Cake as well as my parkin.


Parkin is traditionally a very sticky heavy cake and my Grandpa didn't care for it so Nana would make this one which he preferred:


Mix together in a bowl :

8oz plain flour
4oz sugar
1 teaspoon Baking powder
1 teaspoon ground ginger

Meanwhile melt together in a pan:
6oz butter
4oz Golden Syrup

Add to the bowl with the dry ingredients along with 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in a cup of hot water along with a beaten egg.

Mix well and pour into a greased loaf tin.

Bake at 160 degrees centigrade for about an hour. 

This is my Grandparents in their youth, my Grandpa was always a very natty dresser!

Meanwhile I have made steady progress on the pre-stitching for the 'Along the James River' Class

 Along the James River copyright Forget Me Nots In Stitching 2012
using the kit materials


Margaret said…
OMG, that pre-stitching is gorgeous! I love the colors! The cake event sounds fun. I've never had Wensleydale cheese before so I'm curious as to what that W and apple cake tastes like. Your cake looks delicious too!
Katrina said…
Love your prestitching!!!! I am looking forward to watching your progress :-).

Cake event looked yummy and what a sweet picture of your Nana :-).
Jane Galley said…
That looks like a very civilised way to spend an afternoon. I haven't had parkin for years!
The cake club looks great and your parkin has to be great when you come from Yorkshire. I love the old photo - your grandfather looked great in those plus fours.
Carol said…
Love that photo of your grandparents, Karoline! Just wonderful... And, oh my, each of those cakes looks too tempting not to taste... Sounds like a lovely get together :)
Dani - tkdchick said…
Wonderful stitching!
Ellen said…
Sounds like you and Miss Rosie had a very nice day indeed!
Lois said…
What a lovely photo of your grandparents! What a fun event to go too, the food looks delicious and lovely progress on your pre-stitching!
Chris said…
OOH...a cake club. Looks wonderful.
I love the pic of your grands.
woolwoman said…
so fun having a visit with things from you past Karoline. Never heard of a parkin before. Glad you are making good progress on your pre-stitching. Have fun! Mel
Andrea said…
Lovely stitching and the cake looks yummy too.

Your Grandfather certainly was an elegant chap in his plus fours.
Margaret said…
I have read about Parkin and now I see from your blog it is similar to gingerbread. Sounds like something I'd enjoy so I've printed out the recipe to try it!
Giovanna said…
What a pretty project - look forward to seeing more of it. That's a gorgeous shot of your grandparents.
I love your pictures mon amie !
bisous de France
Sally said…
Oooh that Parkin looks delicious!
Anne said…
Wonderful progress on your stitching! THe colours are so pretty and I love the blackwork border. Those cakes look amazing too!!
driftwood said…
oh I am liking the sound of a candestine cake club. and now I am hankering for some Yorkshire parkin, I haven't made one for years.

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