Knitting Update - February

Progress on my knitting has been very much of the slow and steady kind.  

I'm still working on the first of the socks, not far to go on it now.
Top down socks knit in King Cole Zigzag

And I'm slowly working my way up the body of Deco, I've started the patterning on the front edges.

Deco by Kate Davies knit in Wensleydale Long wool in Aubergine


Margaret said…
Nice knitting progress!
Carol said…
Such pretty colors in your sock, Karoline! You've been very busy between your knitting and stitching this month :)
Giovanna said…
Great knitting, and I love the colours in the sock.
Any progress is good progress Karoline. I love the colour of the socks you are knitting.
Anne said…
Wonderful progress Karoline! Love the colourful sock and the sweater is so pretty!!
woolwoman said…
Wensleydale wool is absolutely gorgeous - I love the aubergine color - such a sweet and classic design. The socks are pure fun!
Glad to see you are able to do some knitting this winter. Cheers! melody
Sherry :o) said…
What fun colors in your sock!
Ruth McKeon said…
Great knitting progress !

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