Happy New Year!

I had meant to post my final Theme-a-licious update for 2012 yesterday but it was a dreadful day and didn't stop raining so there was no light for taking photos.  Fortunately today we've had a break in the rain.

After a slow start on Alpine Garden,  I've picked up speed and am now about a third of the way down the sampler.
Alpine Garden by The Drawn Thread stitched 
using the recommended materials 

On the Scottish Sampler I have got the vine portion of the border all stitched, there was much relief when the border joined up!  I still need to finish the honeysuckle flowers to complete the border.
Scottish Sampler 1757 charted by Erica Uten 
from the Goodheart Sampler Book by Needleprint

stitched using the fabric & silks provided at Ackworth 2008

 For most of December I've been pondering what if any goals I wanted to set for 2013.  In my list of current projects 10 of the 13 projects are from classes I've taken over the years from 2005(!) onwards, most of them are barely started so this year I am going to focus on one of them a month and work on this class wips at the weekends so I should start to see significant progress on some of them.  I've already started doing this on Scottish Sampler last month. 

During the week I'm going to work on some of the huge number of small to medium sized projects that I have kitted up in my stash as I would quite like to see some more finishes than I managed last year. 

I am planning on participating in this years 'Theme-a-licious' where the theme fits what I'm stitching rather than the other way round.

The Theme for January is Jardin January
'The holidays were a little stressful...let's relax in a nice garden. Work on any piece with flowers or gardens.'
 January's theme fits both of the wips I'm going to work on this month.  I shall continue to work on Alpine Garden during the work and I've decided to pull Glastonbury Garden out of the wips pile for weekends.

Finally today marks my blogs eighth birthday. I would like to thank you all for continuing to read and comment and wish you all a very happy new year.


Anonymous said…
What patience you have and what lovely work you do.x
Giovanna said…
Congrats on your blog's anniversary. The sampler WIPs are just gorgeous. Have a great 2013!
Unknown said…
Congratulations on your blog o versary and looking forward to seeing what Jardin January brings to your wip's.
Carol said…
Your Alpine Garden is looking so pretty, Karoline--I just love those pieces...Sounds like you have a good plan for next year, too. It will feel very good to see some of those older projects finally finished :)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
Nicola said…
Eight years is a wonderful acheivement, well done. Here's to another eight.
Melissa said…
Happy New Year, Karoline! Congratulations on eight years of blogging!
Eight years is a lot of blogging Karoline. I hope 2013 is a happy year for you.
Katrina said…
Happy New Year Karoline, may it be a good one for you and your family.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Happy New Year! Its nice when you can make a SAL work for you. I look forward to all of your projects this year!!!
Margaret said…
Love your WIPS, especially the Scottish sampler. Congratulation on 8 years blogging -- wow! Happy new year!
Ziggyeor said…
Pretty progress. Congrats on the blogversary.
C'est magnifique !!! Très bonne année à vous mon amie !

bisous de FRANCE
Chris said…
Happy Blogaversary!
Great progress on the DT piece and the sampler. I am always so in awe of people that can stitch the entire border first. I am not controlled enough to do that.
I am looking forward to seeing your year of class projects.
Brigitte said…
Both WIPs look great, I'm sure you'll be glad when the border is finished on the Scottish Sampler. Borders look so beautiful but I find them a bit boring to stitch.
Good luck with your class WIPs.
Erica said…
Alpine Garden is looking lovely, so delicate!

Congratulations on your blog birthday! 8 years is quite an accomplishment!
TeresaB said…
Both of your WIPs look lovely. Happy New Year and congrats on your blog-iversary.
Andrea said…
Congratulations on the blog anniversary. The samplers WIPs are looking great.

Happy New Year!
Loraine said…
Love your Alpine Garden start. I have that one in my stash, and have always wanted to start it!
Good luck finishing all of your class pieces. I'm going to work on some class pieces as well.
Have a wonderful new year and congrats on 8 years!
Ellen said…
Happy blog birthday, Karoline.

I'm always amazed by all the stitching you get accomplished with two little ones. I bet there was lots of excitement in your home this year.
woolwoman said…
Happy 8th Karoline - can you believe that was before kiddos - look at you now - still maintaining the blog - juggling everything at home and still getting lots of stitching and knitting done - YGG - happy new year Melody
Alpine Garden is very pretty. Congratulations on your blog's 8th Anniversary - WOW. happy New Year to you. love Annette
Cornflower said…
Happy birthday, and how lovely to have a garden theme!
geeky Heather said…
Alpine Garden is just lovely. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Glad to have you joining Theme-a-licious in 2013 whenever you can.
Jo said…
Happy New Year and Happy Blog Birthday! Both pieces look wonderful - have a wonderful stitchy 2013
Sharon said…
Happy New Year and a big congrats to you on your blog anniversary! Alpine Garden is lovely and I love seeing kids photo's. They are growing! Wishing you much happiness, love and good health in 20131
Sherry :o) said…
Wow...eight year blogging...congrats.

Love that your border matched up - that is always a good thing.
un petit bonjour de la FRANCE,

Solstitches said…
Gorgeous projects Karoline.
I stitched Alpine Garden years ago and it's always been one of my favourites.
Marjo said…
I love the blue fabric you are working Alpine Garden on. It just makes the stitching pop. Gorgeous. It is always so relieving once the border matches up. Great work.

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