A successful 'Nail-it' November'

I had a very successful 'Nail-it November' and met most of my goals

First the big finish!

Teresa Wentzler - Above the clouds
Stitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics 'Papillo Ulysses' Lugana using the recommended DMC
Started Feb 2010, finished November 2012

And I also finished my hat

Simple Squishy Slouchy Hat from The Gentle Art of Knitting by Jane Brocket
Knit in Debbie Bliss Andes

I also wanted to finish Rosie's cardigan - I've done all the knitting just completing the sewing up to go, so I'm counting that as a success as well.  The only thing I didn't get too was finishing the childrens ornaments but that goal is carried over into this month.

Now for 'Delightful December' Heather says:
'The holidays are a time for relaxing...at least, that's the theory! No stress here...work on whatever you want and enjoy!'
What's really delightful for me is that having finished 'Above the Clouds' I can start something new! I realised that I haven't stitched on a Drawn Thread design yet this year, so I have a browse through my stash and have decided to work on 'Alpine Garden' which I have had kitted up for way too long.  Other than that I'm just going to see which of my wips take my fancy to work on.


Giovanna said…
Congrats on the great finish - I always think TW finishes deserve an extra cheer because they're so labour-intensive :-) Very nice hat too, well done.
I'm so excited about your huge dragon finish!!! WOWIE! But your hat ... is filling me with a serious state of hat-envy. That is fabulous!
Erica said…
Beautiful TW finish, and I just love the hat!
Doesn't it feel wonderful to finish things! Seems like all is right with the world!
Ellen said…
Hi Karoline

Looks like you had a wonderful stitching month!
Lovely finishes Karoline, the hat is such a great shape.
Margaret said…
Wow, congratulations! Now that is a big finish! The hat is lovely too, of course. And I'm sure Rosie can't wait for her cardigan.
Sally said…
Love the dragon. Well done :)
Solstitches said…
Congratulations on your TW finish. It's fabulous.
That's a great hat and it looks good on you.
Nicola said…
An amazing finish, one to be very proud of. Love the your knitted hat too.
Jackie said…
You definitely nailed it! The hat looks great on you. I can never seem to pull them off, though I do love knitting them.
Rowyn said…
You sure did nail it in November. Well done on finishing a beautiful TW design, and the hat is great too - I bet that will keep you nice and warm during winter.
Chris said…
Congratulations on your gorgeous finishes!
Siobhán said…
Congratulations on the finish!! Woohoo! It looks great. Love the hat, too!
very beautiful pictures ! I love your stitching

bisous from FRANCE
woolwoman said…
Wow great hat Karoline and nice finish on the TW piece. You deserve to start something new - I haven't done a DT piece in years but our EGA chapter selected Tocatto I for their 2013 SAL so I am excited to have one planned. Can't wait to see Rosie's cardi - hope you are enjoying the sights and sounds of the season - mel
Scully said…
Well done Karoline's...ATC looks great but I really love your hat! ❤
Aussie Stitcher said…
Congratulations on finishing Above the Clouds it looks amazing. I have The Castle as a wip, I started it about 10 years ago OOOPPPSS!
Andrea said…
A wonderful stitching finish. I think you're going to need that hat, so perfect timing.
geeky Heather said…
CONGRATULATIONS!! Major finish, and it looks fantastic. I love the hat, too...but then I am a sucker for anything blue. =)
Brigitte said…
Oh my gosh, what a finish you have here. I'm more than impressed - as someone has already said here: TW finishes deserve an extra cheer.
Carol said…
What an amazing finish, Karoline--well done!! And your hat is adorable--how lucky you are to not only do such beautiful stitching, but be able to knit, too!

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