Historic Stitches - Acorn Harvest Threadkeep

I had a few comments on my last post asking about one of the pieces in my header picture, Autumn Harvest Threadkeep by Historic Stitches.  I stitched it back in 2004 and looking back through my blog I realise that I never got round to posting about it.  So I've dug back through my photos and here are some close up photos.

The front:

Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper - Back

And inside,  the acorn fabric and the Liberty Hill thread keep came with the kit

Somewhere in the depths of my stash I have a companion piece - Acorn Harvest First Stitch Finders that I really must dig out and stitch! 


geeky Heather said…
That is beautiful!!

Also: SQUIRREL! =)
Solstitches said…
Beautiful, beautiful work Karoline.
I love this design. Sheila and I finished ours together last year.

Margaret said…
Oh it really is nice! I'm glad people asked about it!
woolwoman said…
I have both of these lovely Historic Stitches pieces too Karoline but long ago I dug out the LH accessories and put them to use - Never have gotten around to the stitching part. Your threadkeep is wonderful - thanks for showing the close up shots. Melody
Giovanna said…
That is very pretty, well done.
I'm sorry to say that I too have this design and have never stitched it. The only thing I've made use of is the threadkeep. Good for you stitching it, very nice result.
Nicola said…
How beautiful,thank you for sharing.
Kathy Ellen said…
Your historical acorn thread keep is just beautiful! I love the interior finishing. Absolutely a treasure!

How beautiful. Love everything about your pocket pouch. Oh what wonderful fabrics. This was a kit? Glad you hunted for the photos. Thank you for sharing.
love Annette
ps that pretty thread keeper is so pretty.
Carol said…
Oh, I'm so glad you posted this, Karoline--it is absolutely beautiful :)
butterfly said…
What a beautiful design, your stitching is wonderful, thank you for sharing, hugs.
Oh que c'est beau !
very beautiful, bisous de FRANCE
Sharon said…
Really gorgeous piece Karoline!

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