Just a quick check in to apologise for not commenting on your blogs in as timely a manner as I would like at the moment.  We were away on holiday last week (more of which in a later post) combined with the school holidays means that my RSS feeds have rather mounted up.  I'm trying to beat it into submission  but that might not happen till everyone is back in school/nursery. 

In the mean time I will leave you with a photo of Rosie from a girly trip out we had today.  We went to a lovely vintage style tea room in Leeds and as you can see Rosie had a rather luscious Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sundae.


I shall be back in a day or two (I hope) with my Theme-a-licious check in, see you then. 


Susan said…
It looks like Rosie enjoyed herself!

I totally understand being behind on blog reading and commenting!
Just wanted to say hello. Rosie looks happy:)
love Annette
Ellen said…
Hope you all had a wonderful family holdiay. How nice it was that you and Rosie could also enjoy a girly day together.
Erin said…
Hope your holiday was lovely!

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