Catching Up

Apologies for the length of this post, it's a catch up of everything I've been working on since October.

First up is Anniversary Roses by Forget Me Nots in Stitches, I took this to the retreat to stitch when I wasn't working on Tend thy Sheep. I was thinking that I could get a fair chunk stitched but then I realised that the band I started was one of those fiendishly complicated ones that Lauren does so well (there was unfortunately also a fair bit of frogging)

Anniversary Roses by Forget Me Nots in Stitches copyright 2009
using the silks and fabrics provided

One wip that I have been working on here and there is Just Nan's 20 Flowers, this is my go to project for when I'm too tired to work on one of my larger projects and am now at the half way point on this one.

20 Flowers by Just Nan copyright 2004
stitched with the kit materials

The project that I'm shooting for finishing this year is The Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bellpull. I'm now down to the last part of the stitching but I've put it down for the present as I need to stitch the children's ornaments.

Sunflower bellpull by The Drawn Thread copyright 2000
stitched using the recommended threads and fabric

And now a finish! I completed the socks I was knitting for Rosie this week.

Basic top down children's socks knit in UK Alpaca Sock yarn in Moss

I completed the knitting on the Ishbel just before I went to the retreat but haven't yet managed to block it so no photo's yet. Maybe next week! My new project on the needles is a Pembroke Vest for Christopher, this is the back I'm about to start shaping the shoulders.

Pembroke vest by Kirsten Kapur
knit in King Cole Merino blend DK

And of course now Rosie is in school I had to make her a costume for her nativity play. Rosie was a snowflake which stumped me for a while. However we eventually came up with something that worked. I made her a small tutu based on the instructions on Simple Kids and then Rosie & I decorated a white t-shirt with glittery fabric paint.


Thank you all very much if you've stuck with me till now, I'm cautiously optimistic that I can go back to more regular updates from here in.


Joanie said…
It was nice to read all about your stitching and knitting! And Rosie is adorable! Hope that you will post more often.
Margaret said…
Oh my gosh! I love that Lauren Sauer piece -- so gorgeous! Love the Just Nan piece too! And the DT Sunflower Bellpull is wonderful! Good luck with finishing by your goal. Love Rosie's costume -- so pretty! Nice socks too -- I bet Rosie loves them. Love what you're knitting for Christopher too.
ollie1976 said…
Everything looks great! Nice work.
MoonBeam said…
I love the green socks...they look so warm and cozy. I took a class for Lauren's piece, too. I've pretty much put it in the impossible for me cubby, but who knows. My good friend has finished it, and it is lovely. Good luck with yours.

What lovely creations you've been busy with, and doesn't Isabelle look like an angel! :)
Nancy said…
Beautiful projects! The socks look so soft and comfy. Your daughter is so adorable!
Annemarie said…
Karoline, all of your WIPs are truly stunning. They make me want to stitch :o) Nothing is as pretty as that lovely snowflake you have dancing around your home!
Lois said…
What nice stitching and knitting Karoline. Love Rosie's costume! Just perfect for a snowflake!
Sheila said…
Rose looks gorgeous in her snowflake outfit.
And all your WIP´ every single one of them, especially the LS piece :)
Sherry :o) said…
I love this post - your stitching is lovely - the knitting is oh, so cool - and Rosie is very sweet. I love the snowflake attire...

I think so many of understand sporatic sometimes is so busy.
Bertie said…
Gorgeous stitching Karoline, Lauren's sampler is beautiful, sorry to hear about the frogging, haven't we all been there:)
Rosie is growing up fast! Love her socks.
Have a wonderful Christmas:)
Paula said…
Lovely stitching and great socks.
Isabelle said…
You've managed to be productive despite everything going on.
Rosie is adorable! I hope her ear infections are all over now - they can be so painful.
Giovanna said…
Your WIPs are so lovely, and so is your knitting. What a great costume for Rosie, so creative.
Sharon said…
Beautiful projects Karoline!
Katrina said…
Gorgeous WIPs and I love your knitting projects too. And what a sweet costume for Rosie :-).
Solstitches said…
Surely Rosie can't be in school already? She looks a little doll in her snowflake outfit and her little green socks are way too cute.
More lovely stitching projects. Love the Just Nan - well, all of them really.
You are making me want to work on some bigger, more worthwhile pieces.
I am sick of Christmas ornaments!
Veronica said…
Beautiful stitching! Love all your WiPs. Rosie is adorable.
Siobhan said…
Your snowflake is a cutie patootie! What a great costume! You are so clever. Lovely stitching & knitting!
Andrea said…
Wonderful WIPs and a great finish on those socks. I think we all need those kind this weather. Rosie looks fabulous in her snowflake costume.
Chelle said…
So many wonderful projects! I think Anniversary Roses is my favorite and your little snowflake is absolutely precious.
woolwoman said…
Wonderful post Karoline - was great to see what you are knitting - Love the little vest by Kristine Kapur - I like her designs and Rosie's socks are so cool! Her snowflake costume is very creative and she is darling in it. All your stitching is lovely as usual - I don't know where you find the time to get so much accomplished with your little ones. Wishing you and your family a magical Christmas and many happy stitches in the new year. Melody

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