Making Monday

A few weeks ago The Yarn Yard proposed 'Making Mondays', a day to blog about the things we have made. I liked the idea as I often feel that I don't achieve much, so I'm going to use the idea to journal my crafting progress as when I stop to consider it I often manage to get more done than I think.

This week it was Above the Clouds turn in my rotation. I didn't get a huge amount done, what I did was mostly on the wing.


Teresa Wentzler - Above the Clouds
stitched using the recommended DMC on hand-dyed Lugana

For the last couple of weeks I've been mostly working on my first Ishbel, I rattled through the central stocking stitch section in under a week (mostly because sleep had been in short supply) now I'm onto the the second lace section.


Ishbel by Isolda Teague in Fyberspates 4ply Sport Superwash Scrumptious

I've also cast on for Rosie's socks in the Moss Alpaca sock yarn I got at Baa Ram Ewe a couple of weeks ago.


As Rosie has moved on from her Playgroup to the school nursery she needed a pump bag so I repurposed an old skirt of mine to make one.



That bag is too cool!!

Tanya, who envies your knitting - lovely work :)
I think you've achieved a lot - I love the deep shade of wool you're working with.
Margaret said…
I love all you're working on! That bag is so cool!
Above the Clouds is looking awesome ;)
Sheila said…
You have been the colours :)
Katrina said…
Wow you've been busy!!! Love the bag and the wool colors are gorgeous :-). Pretty stitching too.
Scully said…
What a great little bag Karoline, I'm sure Rosie will love it. Your Ishbel is looking great in that yarn well done on all your achievements, it's quite a lot with two young children ♥
woolwoman said…
I've been trying to gather up the nerve to start Ishbel - yours looks awesome - the other Ysolde shawlette I was involved with ran off the track and I haven't picked it back up. Yes I agree that you've gotten a lot done with 2 small children. Hope we do start visiting with you weekly! Cheers - Mel
Giovanna said…
Lovely projects, and so diverse! Love your AtC!
c'est une vraie merveille !
bisous bisous ♥

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