Some Knitting

Thank you all very much for Christopher's birthday wishes.

A while back Melody asked me if I was still knitting, the answer is of course yes! I've just not been very good at getting round to photographing and sharing my finishes recently. So I made sure that I got some pictures of my most recent finish (with the help of a very willing model!)


Wrist warmers

Mericash Neck and Wrist Warmers by Jean Grey, knit in Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4ply.

The trick now is going to be persuading a certain someone that they are mine!


Bertie said…
Oh how adorable Karoline, but I think you have to start now for yourself! Rosie is a wonderful model and deserves to keep it LOL.
Giovanna said…
Lovely knitting! I hope it doesn't get damaged in the tug-of-war... :-D
Margaret said…
Nice! I love them! lol about Rosie! I bet she loves them and doesn't want to give them back!
Sherry :o) said…
I love the color...maybe sneak them off when your beautiful model is sleeping LOL. I guess you need to make Rosie her own set! They look very soft.
Cashsoft is lovely to knit with - it's so soft, I'm not surprised your "model" doesn't want to part with them.
Lois said…
What a beautiful model and what nice knitting!
Katrina said…
Pretty knitting finish and fun pics of Rosie. She's getting so grownup :-).
Isabelle said…
Lovely set - and Rosie is so cute!
woolwoman said…
so glad to see your knitting Karoline and such a beautiful Rosie showing them off - I love Rowan Cashsoft but have not tried the 4ply yet. Hope you and your family are having a lovely summer so far - melody
Solstitches said…
Love the cowl and wrist warmers and what a cute little model you have there.
Siobhan said…
Lovely knitting!
Kathy Ellen said…
Perhaps you haven't picked up your knitting needles for a bit, but your knitting is truly lovely. Little Rosie is a perfect model too!
Chelle said…
Beautiful knitting, and that little model is just precious!
hello, thank you for visiting I can come see your blog, your embroidery is beautiful! as beautiful creations all very beautiful!
I love your stitches are perfect!
see you soon friends of France
ps: sorry for my very bad English
Oh my gosh - how sweet!!


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