Argh, what happened to March? Despite my best intentions blogging has ended up taking a back seat again. Partly that's been because I've been stitching on the gift for the giveaway I held last September and without stitching pictures to share I don't seem to be able to motivate my blogging mojo in quite the same way. However the stitching is now finished and the finishing will get finished this weekend so I'm back enjoying my wips.

So what have we been getting up to in March

Most importantly someone turned three.


And someone else is starting to be on the move, he's mainly rolling but he's trying to crawl so it won't be long!


We spent half term at my parents and went to The Deep in Hull


and to Burton Agnes to see the snowdrops.


Attended a special Baby Bloggers event at Leeds Art Gallery to view the Henry Moore exhibition.

Had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Secret Tearoom


Spent a day at the Abbey House Museum and Kirkstall Abbey



Margaret said…
Happy belated birthday to Rosie! I can't believe how big she is now! And your little one already trying to crawl? Wow! How time flies! Looks like you all have been having fun. That's so great! Enjoy the little ones while they're little. Time goes so fast and they'll be growing faster than you want them to. They' both adorable!
What a beautiful carpet of snowdrops.
woolwoman said…
Happy Birthday to Rosie - she is such a pretty child and your son has those same brilliant blue eyes - darling children. Hope you are finding time for stitching/knitting in between your travels. Hope spring has arrived in your garden. Melody
Giovanna said…
Your children are really cute, and aren't they growing fast! Thanks for sharing.
Jan said…
My sentiments exactly, Karoline, wondering myself whatever happened to March???

Looks like you had some good times and those babies are just so precious, thanks for sharing pics of them! Happy Birthday to Rosie!!
Von said…
Babies/Children grow so fast! I look at my own and cannot believe that they are either all grown, or nearly so. I can see that you're really enjoying each day with your little ones. :)
TeresaB said…
You may have been quiet on the blog but you've had a busy month and it looks like you had a great time. Rosie looks so cute and is growing fast! Belated birthday wishes to her. That tea looks fantastic and the trip to the abbey sounds so wonderful.
Katrina said…
Happy belated birthday to Rosie!!!! She's so cute :-). And your son is getting so big!

Looks like a very nice vacation too!
Nancy said…
Your children are so cute! It looks like you have been visiting some fun places!
Bertie said…
Rosie looks so gorgeous, time does fly!! Hope your birthday was fabulous Rosie, and your brother grows fast too:))
Great pictures Karoline, the Tea room looks mouthwatering:)
Cheryl said…
Nice to hear from you! Wow, the kids are growing up fast. They both have the most amazing eyes!
Lois said…
I felt like March flew by too! Lovely pics of your children, aren't they growing fast!! Enjoyed seeing the others pics as well! The snowdrops are lovely.
Siobhan said…
Happy belated birthday to Rosie! It looks like you had a fun month! :)
Aussie Stitcher said…
Happy Birthday to dear Rosie. She is a cutie, and your little man trying to crawl, they grow all too fast. My baby is seven and in her third year of school (sigh:-(). Looks like you had a wonderful time at your parents, lots to see and do, thanks for sharing the lovely photos.
Scully said…
What lovely pictures Karoline, it looks like you've had some great days.
Erin said…
I just can't believe she's 3 already. Hope she had a great birthday!

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