Clandestine Cake Club

The weekend before last I was lucky to be able to participate in the February meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club. Due to the original venue falling through Lynn very graciously hosted us at her Secret Tearoom and kept us all supplied with copious amounts of tea. Steadily over the space of an hour gorgeous cake after cake arrived until we could dive in and sample them.

Clandestine Cake 1

L to R Kentish Chocolate Cake - me, Lemon Meringue Cake - Helen, Beetroot & Spiced Apple - Mike, Rose Vanilla Cake - Clair

The theme for the afternoon was 'Sweet Valentine' which we all interpreted in different ways although chocolate cake proved to be popular.


top to bottom: Chocolate & Ginger Cake - Lucy, Chocolate and Raspberry Cake - Stephanie, Chocolate, Honeycomb and Truffle Cake


Blueberry Cake - Eleanor, Lemon & Lime Cake - Lynn

Georginas birthday cake

Georgina's Almond and Cherry Birthday Cake

The cakes were delicious, by dint of taking samples home with me afterwards I got to taste everything bar the Rose and Vanilla Cake - as soon as Rosie saw the pink icing I didn't get a look in on that one. And given the speed it vanished it must have been good!


Margaret said…
What fun! They all look so good!
Susan said…
That sounds like the type of club I would like to be a member of! All of those cakes look yummy!
Nancy said…
It sounds like a fun time, and the cakes look so delicious!
Bertie said…
Gosh Karoline, they look mouthwatering!!
woolwoman said…
tea and cake - what could be better to take with good friends !
Wish I had some right now - Melody
What a lovely mix of cakes, they all look good. I like the sound of the chocolate and ginger one.
Rhona said…
Mmmm, they all look fantastic! What a great club to be a member of.
Siobhan said…
YUM!! What a fun time that must have been!
Scully said…
Hmmmmm that sounds like a great club Karoline...some scrummy looking and sounding cakes's cupcake for me tomorrow....caramel with a dime bar topping...yum yum
Kathy Ellen said…
Oh, what lovely, delicious looking cakes! Wish that I could have joined you all for a nice little tea party!
Isabelle said…
This sounds like so much fun - and everything looks so yummy!
Chelle said…
That looks like a ton of fun!

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