So near, yet so far

When I've had some stitching time over the last week I've been working on the finishing on another Forget Me Nots in Stitches class, this time the Red Rabbit Needlecase. I took the class back in 2009 and have been plugging away at the nun stitching on and off ever since when I've been able to plug into the zen of nun stitch. As you can see I'm within sight of the end, hopefully I can find the time in the next few days.


I've decided that this will be the first of my larger finishing projects to completed, there's a couple of smalls to go with it that I need to stitch so it's in my rotation until they're all done. Chelle asked if I had decided on which 15 projects that I wanted to finish, and I have to say that I'm not going to decide ahead of time and go with what is speaking loudly when I get the time to finish. I know that when I start digging through the piles of unfinished projects I will find some that I've forgotten about.

The big happening round here is that Christopher is now 6 months old. We celebrated by moving him into his own room, Dave and I are really enjoying the luxury of being able to read in bed again!

Blush Photography 101217-1

This photo was taken the week before Christmas.

When I posted last week I forgot about this blogs anniversary. I started the blog on New Years day 2004 and it's been quite an adventure over the last six years. Here's to the seventh year of blogging...


geeky Heather said…
Oh my, you are SO close!!! Don't give up! GO GO GO!! =)
Very nice stitched piece, and two lovely cherubs.
Bertie said…
Lovely project Karoline, Lauren has got some lovely designs, am still doing the Album!!
Your little ones are adorable, Rosie is such a lovely girl:)) and Christopher 6 months! he is also gorgeous:))
Katrina said…
Happy blogaversary!!!! Love the picture of your children and the class piece is gorgeous.
Margaret said…
Happy blogiversary! Your kids are so cute!!! And the rabbit needlecase -- oh my! It's gorgeous!!!!!
Susan said…
Wow, Karoline - that will be stunning when done.

Happy 1/2 birthday to Christopher! Both of your children look adorable!

Happy Blog Anniversary!
Sherry :o) said…
boy, you are just "minutes" away from the end - beautiful!

I can't believe how big Christopher is already...and Rosie so cute!

Good luck on the finish!
Melissa said…
Are those two precious! They are two bundles of sweetness!

Good luck finishing. You're almost there!

Happy Blogoversary!
Blu said…
What a lovely design! Can't wait to see it finished.

Your kids are so cute!
Annemarie said…
Congratulations on a very impressive blogiversary! The critters look adorable and your needle book looks stunning already! I've decided to get some oldies done this year too, rather than starting a bunch of new ones :o)
Anonymous said…
What a pretty piece! You must keep going with it, you're so close to being done. Great photo of your two little ones and happy blogiversary!
Giovanna said…
Lovely WIP! Lauren's projects are really beautiful. And great picture of your children.
Nancy said…
What a beautiful project you have been working on!

Your children are absolutely adorable!
Sheila said…
The rabbit needlecase is going to be stunning - you are nearly there.
Can´t believe how quickly the little ones grow...both Rose and Christopher are sooooo cute :)
Gorgeous project!

I remember when we moved Arden into his own room ... it was amazing to be able to talk, read, etc. without worrying about waking him. This house is set up so that the nursery is basically part of the bedroom, and every time we turn a light on, he wakes up. :(
Lois said…
What a lovely pic of your two sweethearts! You are so near to a completion on this beautiful piece. Keep going!
Your piece is gorgeous and so are your kids :-)
Katrina said…
What a lovely pic of your children Karoline, can't believe Christopher is already 6 months old!
Siobhan said…
Karoline, your kids are SOOOO adorable! Congrats on getting your room back!

Your stitching piece is GORGEOUS!
Carol R said…
Congratulations on 6 years blogging!
Lovely picture of your two beautiful children - they grow up so quickly don't they?
Love your rabbit needlecase!
Solstitches said…
Your little ones are adorable Karoline.


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