I've now managed to get enough stitching in that I have some progress to share on Sunflower Bellpull.

Sunflower Sampler 15 Nov 2010

Sunflower Bellpull - The Drawn Thread
I'm stitching this one using the recommended fabric and threads.

Last week I got a short break from my daily round of baby and toddler wrangling when my Mum came over to babysit while I went into Leeds to start the Christmas shopping. It was a pretty full on charge round the shops to get what I needed without much time for some personal browsing but I did have time to nip into the Oxfam shop. It generally has the best selection of second hand books in town and I got to indulge one of my other expensive hobbies - book collecting.

I got lucky and found a lovely vintage hardback by Elizabeth Bowen and an original green cover Virago Modern Classic Vita Sackville-West. I'm sure it's a generational thing but I much prefer the older green VMC covers to the new ones (for more on VMC covers see this post by Lyn).


Also in the photo is my diary for 2011, it was an easy choice once Persephone Books announced that they where producing 'The Persephone 90'diary. The diary includes pictures of all the wonderful textiles they use as end papers and I am enjoying browsing through them. Particular favourites are these:

From Fidelity by Susan Glaspell - 19th Century log cabin quilt by Mary E Sexton Mann, Aurora, Illinois (The American Museum in Britain)


And From Round about a Pound a Week by Maud Pember Reeves - Sampler by 'DAR' 1912 (Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester)


I hope that all my American readers have had a great Thanksgiving.


Susan said…
Very nice progress on your Sunflower bellpull, Karoline.
Margaret said…
Beautiful progress! I love those sunflowers! Persephone books is so cool! I'm going to have to look up that diary -- neat stuff! I just recently discovered the company from a blog and had to order a book just so I could have one. lol!
Bertie said…
Your bellpull is lovely Karoline, and Oxfam is great for 2nd hand books, we have got one in Cheltenham too.
Melissa said…
Your stitching is coming along beautifully, Karoline!

What great fun book browsing and collecting is! You've got a great haul there!
Isabelle said…
Bowen and Sackville-West! These are smack in my research area and I am very envious of your haul :)

Your bellpull is looking beautiful!
Giovanna said…
Great going on the bellpull, it's lovely!
Lois said…
Lovely progress on your Sunflower bellpull. What nice finds in Oxfam.
Solstitches said…
Sheila told me to check out your blog header as we are putting the Historic Stitches needle book together soon. Love all of the pieces you have on display.
I enjoyed catching up on your blog today.
Lovely finds at the Oxfam shop and your Sunflower bell pull is looking lovely.

woolwoman said…
It was fun reading about your shopping excursion Karoline - I'm sure having two little ones is a big challenge - I see these young mothers here with the huge carriages and all the equipment and I just sigh and think WOW - I never had that much energy! Your DT piece looks lovely - enjoy the holiday season - Melody
Siobhan said…
Nice progress, Karoline! Love the book acquisitions, too. I hope you're keeping warm in this frigid weather!
Hi Karoline, just found your blog and popping in to say hello. I'll be starting Sunflower Bellpull in Spring 2011, looks like a fun stitch:)

Come visit my blog sometime, I'm in upstate NY and your newest follower.

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