Sorry for disappearing last week but sleep has been in short supply recently. Let's just say that a teething toddler with a cold who could climb out of her cot was not the Mothers Day present that I was expecting! So stitching has had to take a back seat but there is some progress worth sharing.

I've been slowly working through the Spring section on 4 wishes, I just have the verse and one more band to go and then I'm at the halfway point.

Just Nan - 4 Wishes 16032010Align Centre

4 wishes by Just Nan

I had hoped to finish Forget Me Not last weekend but it wasn't to be especially as I got visited by the frogs :(

The Drawn thread - Forget Me Not 16032010

Forget Me Not by The Drawn Thread

Above the Clouds has not been touched at all for over a week as I have not had the brain power to cope with following the chart, so I've put it to one side for the time being.

Teresa Wentzler - Above the Clouds 16032010

Above the Clouds by Teresa Wentzler

Instead I picked up Juda Hale in Miniature which despite being all over one isn't too complicated.

Eileen Bennett - Juda Hale 16032010

Juda Hale in Miniature by Eileen Bennett


KarenV said…
Everything looks lovely Karoline! I hope you get some more sleep soon.
Margaret said…
Oh I remember those teething days. Hope you get more sleep soon! Love your WIPs! That Juda Hayle piece is wonderful!
Melissa said…
My first thoughts were the same as Margaret's! As moms you can't forget those teething days ...or nights!

Your stitching is coming along nicely!
Sheila said…
Love them all, especially the JN one. Hope you get some good sleeps in before the little one arrives :)
Siobhan said…
Lovely stitching! I hope Rosie is over the teething soon and sleeping better. Most of what happened from my twins' first five years is a blur, but I clearly remember the time I discovered they could both climb out of their cribs. I spent a lot of time driving then, because they'd sleep in the car. I didn't get any rest, but at least they were less cranky! Hang in there.
Lois said…
I well remember when my three realised they could climb out of their cots! Life changed!!

Enjoyed seeing your progress on everything.
Deb said…
Everything looks great Karoline! I hope that you can get some sleep soon. I remember those days so well. It seems like it lasts forever, but it doesn't. Hang in there!
Christine said…
Great progress on all of your projects!
Von said…
Mothering toddlers takes a big toll on your energy! You've still found time to get a lot of stitching done - good for you!!
Giovanna said…
Great stitching, Karoline! I hope Rosie is better now, and that you are getting some rest.
Solstitches said…
Beautiful stitching Karoline.
I love your JN piece.
Your little one is such a sweetie.
Carol R said…
As always - beautiful stitching Karoline. Hope you gets some zzzzzz's soon!
Nancy said…
All of your stitching is just beautiful! I love 4 Wishes!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Karoline, all of your projects look fantastic, of course, I'm partial to that TW!!!!

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