Was that November?

I'm sure I only blinked and a month has disappeared! Anyway the high and low lights of November were:

  • Helping Kate on the Sparklies stall at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show
  • Meeting up with Paula while she was down for the show and taking her on a trip up to BaaRamEwe
  • Amanda staying over while she was up for the show.
  • Getting together with some fellow Chalet School fans for a good natter and knitting and stitching at Dawns
  • Rosie getting her first serious cold, two weeks later I think we are finally over it and sleeping again.
  • Catching Rosies cold.

So to finish I'll leave you with some fingerless gloves that were my first project from Homemade. They were knit in some Artesano Alpaca Superfine 4ply that was leftover from various outfits knit for Rosie. I wasn't sure about the turquoise and violet colour combination but knew I'd seen it somewhere, it wasn't until I'd cast on that I realised they where the colours of the book cover! Doh!

Homemade Gloves

Homemade Gloves2


Margaret said…
I feel that way too -- what happened to November? Or the year for that matter! I bet Rosie has grown so much too. What a bummer that she had her first real icky cold. :( Love your hand warmers! I'd love to learn how to knit me some.
Giovanna said…
Gorgeous gloves! Funny, I've recently finished a pair of those myself - just used them once but I'm really pleased with them (just being able to handle keys with my gloves on is one of those small pleasures of life, lol).
woolwoman said…
blogger is not updating blogs for me so I missed your post urrghhh - I'm dying to peruse that baaramewe website - looks very cool - love your wrist warmers - I have my first pair cast on - using an unusual yarn called 1/2 N 1/2 which is half merino and half milk - by Kollage - and also using their square DP needles - LOVE THEM - Hope little Rosie is back to her adorable little self again. Cheers! Mel
Susan said…
I'm sorry that Rosie was sick; am glad that she's feeling a little better.

Those fingerless gloves are really cute!
Cheryl said…
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2010!

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