Holiday - Part 2

One of the highlights of our holiday was a trip on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Pickering Station

We started at Pickering

Steams Up

On the train

Grossmont Station

We travelled up to Grosmont where you can go and visit the engine workshops.

In the Workshop North Yorks Moors Railway

Sorry not to be more chatty but Rosie has been cutting teeth over the last week and I've not had nearly enough sleep for a working brain.


Margaret said…
Oh that looks like fun! My son would have loved it at that age -- he was big into Thomas the Tank. :D I hope Rosie's teeth give both you and her a break soon! I remember those days, they can be tough!
Melissa said…
Oh, I would love to be on a train like that. And like Margaret's son, mine went through the Thomas the Tank Engine phase too! O nostalgia!

But not nostalgic for the cutting teeth bit. Understand completely. Hope Rosie gets over the discomfort soon and you both get good sleep!
Giovanna said…
Great shots, steam engines are fascinating. I hope Rosie will feel happier soon, poor dear - you have my sympathy :-)
Siobhan said…
Great pics!! Poor Rosie, poor you. I hope she is better soon and that the teeth are through quickly!
Michelle said…
Oh what fun! I would love to ride a train like that someday. Hope the teething gets better soon!!
Yvonne said…
Thanks for your lovely comments.. more bags to follow! I just LOVE steam trains, the smell, the sound, the nostalgia... oh, and grit in your teeth!!
Hope the tooth pops through soon so you can sleep.

Susan said…
Great pictures! I've been to the station at Grosmont, but haven't taken any of the trains.

I'm sorry about Rosie's teeth. I hope she's letting you get some more sleep now.

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