I got lucky last week and found some damsons at my Greengrocers.

Damsons 2009

Rosie was very taken with them and really enjoyed helping me prep them.

Rosie and Damsons

The damsons are now infusing in Gin. Yum :)


Margaret said…
Rosie is getting to be so big! What a good helper she is too!
Melissa said…
Rosie's so cute! Just make sure she doesn't help with the gin part! ;-)
Susan said…
I'm totally ignorant, and had to do a google search to find out what Damsons are :)

Rosie, as usual, looks adorable! Did she want to "help" by eating the damsons?
I just LOVED catching up with your summertime activities. Great pictures! :D

(Mmmm. Gin-soaked fruit.)

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