Feeding Ducks

Very near the top of Rosie's list of favourite things are ducks so we went to are local RSBP reserve Fairburn Ings today to feed the ducks (and swans, geese, coots etc)

Here she is watching the swans:


A Coot on her nest:


Two of the Swans displaying:


I love her expression in this shot:



Paula said…
Really lovely pictures Karoline.
Sheila said…
Such gorgeous pictures - both of Rosie and the ducks and swans :)
Melissa said…
Awww, she's so precious! I miss that stage of new discoveries and delight! Enjoy. Time flies. (my one turns 20 this year - how did that happen?!!!)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing, they're lovely pictures.
Oh how sweet!!

We have a lot of coots here. They're called waterhoenen and they sure have a lot of little ones!!
tintocktap said…
LOL! Ducks are one of Iona's favourites too! We have a brook that runs 5 mins from our house and several times a day, Iona drags someone out with her to go and see the ducks. It's one of the first things she does every day and last thing in the evening! 'Duck' is her best word too. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any ducklings on the brook this year, but she sees plenty of them in the park.
She is so sweet, looks like she had fun. cj ok;-)
Dani - tkdchick said…
It looks like you're really enjoying your time with your daughter.
Carol R said…
Lovely pictures Karoline - thanks for sharing!
TeresaB said…
I got so tickled look at these pictures. When I was a little older then Rosie I got bit by a swan at Stafford-Upon-Avon! So glad Rosie didn't.
Sharon said…
Too adorable! I like that little outfit she has on.
Susan said…
Rosie is adorable! Thanks for sharing!
lena-lou said…
Cutie, cheeky photos :) Tell Rosie she is a sweetie :)

Take care

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