Sorry about the dearth of updates recently, life has continued to be stressful due to some parental health issues so I've felt more like mindless browsing when I get the chance to sit down with the laptop.

As the sun came out last Saturday we decided that we needed to step back and get out and enjoy it and we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the afternoon.

A couple of the sculptures


Rosie had a blast :)



Susan said…
I'm sorry about the health issues with your parents. I hope everything turns out okay.

Great pictures!

I hope you have a nice weekend, Karoline.

{{{hugs to you and your parents}}}
Love the photos - oh that sunshine!!!

Very sorry about your parental health issues. I sure sympahtize.
Carol R said…
Great photos - love the one of Rosalin!
lena-lou said…
Love the pictures Karoline especially Rosy :) Sorry to hear things are not too good with Parental health issues, hope things get better for them soon.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Sometimes its just best to step back and get away!

I hope those health issues aren't too serious!
Von said…
Looks like a nice family outing. :)

I hope your parents' health issues are resolved very soon.
Annemarie said…

I hope thisfinds everyone well, Karoline!

Vonna said…
Rosie is truly a dear heart ;)

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