I noticed these icicles on my Bay Tree when Rosie and I got back from swimming.



Judith said…
Magnificent colors and photography! Anyway, Hi there! I'm a friend of Mandella's and I thought I'd let you know that I tagged you on my blog (coffeeteagals). If you want to play along, the "rules" are that you make a post in which you add a link to me, list 6 "quirky but boring and unremarkable" things about yourself, and then add links to six other bloggers (who you then notify by a post in their comments). I hope that's OK with you! :)
Susan said…
Very pretty. We have icicles that are at least 6 feet long hanging from the eaves of our apartment building - I'm worried that one of them is going to snap off and kill an unsuspecting passer-by.

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