October Achievements

In October I:
  • continued the pre-stitching on CA Wells Mermaid Purse for the class in November
  • stitched another motif and a bit on Maria Spence
  • I started Summer Button Up by Lizzie*Kate
  • I finished the stitching on Just Nan's Hop and an ornament
  • I continued knitting my Regia Socks and my short sleeved cardigan
I read:
  • Jane Brocket - The Gentle Art of Domesticity
  • Robert Asprin - Phule Me Twice
  • Lucia van der Post - Things I wish my Mother had told me
  • Granta 103 - The Rise of the British Jihad
  • Lorna Hill - Dress Rehearsal


Miss 376 said…
Great looking back at what you have achieved, good incentive for the month ahead
Karin said…
Looks like you got lots done - Congrats!
Karin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Allie said…
I hope you enjoy the CA Wells class, I am sorry not to be attending this year.
Annemarie said…
Looks like you accomplished quite a bit, Karoline!
tammie said…
well done what a lot of stuff you have achieved i was just thinking what i had achieved and when i add it up you end up quite surprised
Anonymous said…
Hi Karoline, I've tagged you on my blog if you care to take a look

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