Catch up and July Achievements

It's been a eventful couple of weeks hence the lack of updates some of the 'highlights' included:
  • We took Rosalin to her first festival, the Cambridge Folk Festival and we had the opportunity to catch up with a friend who was over from Australia.
  • We were all just settling in nicely when at around 5:30 am Saturday morning I went down with a nasty stomach upset which as I'm exclusively breastfeeding Rosalin led to us being taken in an ambulance to A& E. Rosalin had a lovely time flirting with the medical staff until she decided breakfast had been delayed too long. Fortunately I got the OK to feed her before she completely melt down. I then discovered it's possible to breast feed a baby and throw up at the same time also to feed and have someone sticking needles in your other arm :( After they had given me some drugs to stop the vomiting and a litre of fluids I was discharged and we headed home unfortunately missing the rest of the festival.
  • Fortunately I recovered by Tuesday which was our 13th wedding anniversary, my parents came over to babysit and DH and I went out for a lovely lunch.
  • My darling DH has had the week off and spent it finishing the redecoration of our bedroom and we've been able to move back in.
  • Yesterday Rosalin, my MiL and I went to Bakewell where Wye Needlecraft had organised a small show and had a very pleasant time hanging out with Kate of Sparklies and Linda and others from The Sampler Guild. We also had the good fortune to bump into Helen and her mother Veronica :) A small amount of stash enhancement to place, I picked up the kit for the Cottage Garden Needlecase kit from Thimble Cottage Designs along with some the Kelmscott Thread Rings and a Thread keep.
Congratulations if you made it through that lot :) Here's my achievements for July:

  • I finished the stitching on Pyramid Etui and have started the finishing on the small pyramid
  • I started the pre-stitching on CA Wells Mermaid Purse for the class in November
  • Completed another two motifs on Maria Spence and started stitching her name
  • I got to the three quaters point on Drawn Threads Birth band
  • I finished and 'finished' Just Nan's Snowberries
  • I started The Needles content A flower for a Friend
  • I completed the finishing on a cushion that had been languishing on my finishing pile for around 10 years
  • Knitted the fronts of my waistcoat and started the sleeve
I read:

  • William Gibson - Pattern Recognition
  • Daisy Godwin - Bringing Up Baby
  • Winifred Watson - Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day
  • Elsie J Oxenham - A Princess in Tatters


Miss 376 said…
Sounds like a busy month. Hope you're fully recovered
Andrea said…
Mum and I went to Bakewell yesterday too. I was very good and kept my money in my purse and resisted the temptation.
Susan said…
It sounds like you had a lovely month! belated wishes for a Happy Anniversary!
Karin said…
Hope you recovered from your illness! Sounds like you've had a productive month.
Sharon said…
Glad to hear you feel better! Happy belated Anniversary!
tkdchick said…
Wow! YOu've gotten a lot done!!! Hope your bout of the flu was just a short one!
Annemarie said…
Yippie, what a nice long post! That isn't to say I don't feel sorry for you. Hope you've recovered!
Carol R said…
Sorry to hear you were unwell. I hope you are fully recovered.

You have been very busy this month and you got stash too!

Happy Anniversary to you both.
Joanie said…
Glad you are feeling better! You've certainly had a productive and adventureous month!!!

Happy belated anniversary, too!
dawn said…
just caught up on this - so sorry that you were ill and had to miss most of the festival

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