June Achievments

Thank you very much for all the kind comments on the Needlework Garden accessories. I'm a little late with my achievements for June but Rosalin and I went over to stay with my parents last week as my DH was away with work.

So in June I:

  • Finished the inside base on Pyramid Etui and started the base of the small pyramid.
  • Completed another two and a half motifs on Maria Spence
  • I got past the halfway point on Drawn Threads Birth band
  • I finished the stitching Drawn Threads A Holiday Thanks
  • I started Just Nan's Snowberries
  • I completed the finishing on Olde Colonials Needlework Garden Thread Pallet
  • Knitted the back of my waistcoat and some more of my sock
I read:

  • Eric Schlosser – Fast Food Nation


Joanie said…
Wow! Even with a little one, you'v accomplished a lot! I am very impressed!

Love your Maria Spence too!

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