May Achievements

In May I:

  • Stitched some more of the inside base on Pyramid Etui.
  • Completed another motif and a half on Maria Spence
  • I stitched a third of Drawn Threads Birth band
  • I finished and 'finished' Just Nan's Barnabee's Bride.
  • I completed the stitching on Olde Colonials Needlework Garden Thread Pallet and finished the 'finishing' on the Snip Basket
  • Started knitting a waistcoat, turned the heel on my sock
I read:

  • Jasper Fforde – The Eyre Affair
  • Lorna Hill - Ella at the Wells


karenv said…
I love Jasper Fforde's stuff - have recently read The Fourth Bear, one of his Nursery Crime Adventures. The Thursday Next books are great too - very cleverly done.
Faith Ann said…
Rosalin looks adorable in her cardigan!! You and your MIL did a wonderful job on it!!
Carol R said…
You had such a busy May!
Hugs to Rosalin
Susan said…
Congratulations on your accomplishments for May - I'm glad that you are still able to find time to stitch, knit and read!

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