Busy, busy, busy

Sorry about the gap between updates, I get a fair bit of time browsing when I'm breast feeding Rosalin but I don't find it easy to do more than type short comments one handed :) and I try not to spend too long on the computer when she's napping.

The weekend before last I took Rosalin to her first stitching get-together. A group of us had a weekend retreat at Dove Farm last year and had such a good time that it was decided to make it an annual event. The retreat is officially child-free but an exception is made for small babies :) I had originally planned just to go for the day but someone else had to drop out so I was able to make it an overnight trip.

Rosalin had a blast being cuddled by everyone and I took the opportunity to get some serious stitching in :)

Here she is with Joy taking a close interest in Paula's Happy Haunting.


After the get together we had a busy week as my youngest sister is over in the UK for a visit from NZ and Rosalin really enjoyed her time with her Auntie Debbie


and her Uncle Marcus :)



Vonna said…
Oh...doesn't Rosalin look like a big girl?
So Sweet!
Carol said…
Fabulous photos! Looks like Rosalin may well be a future stitcher - and she has good taste in her stitching too - love Happy Haunting!
Barbara said…
Isn't Rosalin lovely! She looks totally in her element amongst all the stitching!
Anonymous said…
oh so cute i remember when mine was like that.. i know what you mean about breast feeding and typing i used to put leg on a stool and corner pillow on my lap whilst typing but it was still uncomfortable... lol
Katrina said…
She's so pretty! Looks like a fun stitching retreat.
Susan said…
I'm glad that you and Rosalin were able to attend the retreat. It looks like she had a good time!
Carol R said…
Rosalin has grown so much and it looks as though it won't be long before she has a needle and fabric in her hands!
Isabelle said…
Rosalin seems to be growing and progressing by leaps and bounds! She is beautiful and adorable.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you had a great retreat - and definitely a plan to make it an annual event! Cute photos of Rosalin :)

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