April Achievments

In April I:

  • Finished the outside base on Pyramid Etui, started the inside base.
  • Completed another motif on Maria Spence which took me to the halfway point
  • I finished my gift piece
  • I started Drawn Threads Birth band
  • I started Just Nan's Barnabee's Bride and got the center stitched and half the border
  • Finished sewing up the baby cardigan and the knitting on the matching trousers
  • Resumed knitting my socks
I read:
  • Gene Woolf - The fifth head of Cerberus
  • Judith Jones & Beatrix Campbell - And all the Children Cried
  • Elinor M Brent-Dyer - Janie Steps In


karenv said…
You're managing to get loads done Karoline :)

I'm on an EBD kick at the minute - working my way through my CS collection.
Susan said…
As Karen said, you're managing to get loads done (even though you have a baby! I'm impressed!)

Good luck with your May goals!
TeresaB said…
Wow, you are getting a lot done! You're making me feel bad. I'm not sure I accomplished much of anything last month! Hope you have as good a May.
Carol said…
You got a lot done in April!!
Sheila said…
As has already been said - haven´t you done a lot of stitching :) Far more than me!
Joanie said…
Gosh, girl, for a new Mom you've accomplished a great deal! I am so impressed! (And you've put this mom of a 21 year old to shame with your monthly accomplishments!)

I'll live vicariously through you!
Have a great May :-)

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