Maria Spence Update

Thank you all for the kind comments on my finishing :)

I've made some more progress on Maria Spence this month and I'm now past the half way point :)


I also succumbed to the impulse to start Barnabee's Bride as I 'needed' a small in hand project that I can stitch on when Rosalin falls asleep on the sofa next to me. I'm about done with the cross stitching on it.


Especially for Sheila here is a photo of Rosalin doing her best Wolfie Smith impression (or Superman depending on your cultural references :) ) Hard to believe she's eight weeks old on Monday



karenv said…
Aww, what a lovely photo! :)

Great progress on MP Karoline, she's really coming along!
Rowyn said…
Too cute! Love Rosalin's see outfit :-)

Maria Spence and Barnabee's Bride are looking great.
TeresaB said…
Love the picture of Rosalin, she's so adorable!

SM is looking great, wow, half way already? That's amazing. I love Barnabee's Bride, so I'll be anxious to see how it comes along for you.
Anita said…
Very pretty stitching. I love the baby picture. She is so cute.
Andrea said…
She's certainly growing.

Great progress on your WIPs.
Isabelle said…
Rosalin is such a beautiful baby, Karolyn! Lovely picture. :)

Kudos on finding the time to stitch. Love your start on Barnabee's Bride!
Carol R said…
Maria Spence is coming along beautifully Karoline and Barnabee's Bride too.
Rosalin has really grown - love her Wolfie impression :-)
Barbara said…
Eight weeks old? Good grief, how's that possible?! She's so pretty !!

Your stitching is great, btw!!
Marie Spence is just gorgeous and so is your Rosalin ;)
Sharon said…
Maria Spence is beautiful! Roaalin is so prettty- 8 weeks have went by in a flash!
Barbara said…
Power to the people indeed! What a pretty girl. Your stitching looks great too.
Anonymous said…
hiya i think sheila is just adorable my baby is 8mths old and they grow up so quickly i think your stitching is gorgeous and i am mow feeling inspired ot do some more work on my own thanks

Susan said…
I have no idea who Wolfie Smith is, but I get the Superman reference. Rosalin is such a little darling!

You're making great progress on Maria Spence! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Good progress on the WIPS and Rosalin is such a cutie!
Carol said…
I love Maria Spence - those colors are stunning! And Rosalin is just to precious - I am glad you had such a good baby :-)
Sheila said…
Aaaawwww, she is a gorgeous baby - thanks for sharing another picture with us :)
Your stitching looks great too :)
A bit scary that Wolfie was on tv 30 years ago! Impossible!
tkdchick said…
Congrats on finding stitching time with that adorable daughter of yorus!
Vonna said…
What a sweetie Rosalin is...ahhh...I miss the days of the sleeping and stretching :)
And your WIP is looking stupendous!
Concetta said…
Oh my gosh, Rosalin is beautiful!! What a wee darling.

I love your progress on Maria Spence, I would love to stitch this one day.

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