Some Stitching :)

Thank you all for the good wishes for our family :) We're just working at getting some sort of routine down to allow us all to keep on top of things. I've been managing to get a little stitching in occasionally depending on when Rosalin needs feeding. The only wip I can share with you at the moment is Maria Spence, I've got the blue medallion finished and started in on the last motif of this row.



Anonymous said…
Maria looks wonderful Karoline. I love the bolder colours in this piece (as compared to the quaker I'm doing - Shy, retiring Mary Thompson).
tkdchick said…
I'm glad you're settling into motherhood without any huge problems.

Your WIP is lovely and I happy you can find some stitching time!
Carol R said…
Good to see you back Karoline. Life is always hectic with a new baby and I am glad you are finding a little time for you. Maria Spence is looking great.
Hugs for Rosalin
Sheila said…
Good to see you back and know that you are able to get a few stitches in. Maria Spence is looking very colourful. Any more pics of Rosalin?
lena-lou said…
Nice to see you here and with some progress on your WIP :-)) Hope Rosalin is still doing wonderful :-))
Sam said…
Glad to hear all is going well & that you're getting a little stitching time too! Your WIP looks great :o)
I just love this design and your stitching is beautiful (and so is Rosalin) ;)

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