Maria Spence Update

Now I've finished the afghan, Maria is back in my rotation :) This time round I got the swan medallion done and got the next one started.


We had a trip to the Anti-natal clinic today, but due to having some severe itching I have to go in to the day unit at the hospital tomorrow for tests to rule out Obstetric Cholestatis. Oh well, I guess that it was too much to hope for that I could get through the whole pregnancy with only going to the hospital for the two scans and the delivery. Apart from the itching my midwife continues to be happy with the way things are progressing.


Sheila said…
Good luck tomorrow :) Maria Spence is looking fabulous - great colours. And love your canvas Concord too.
Annemarie said…
This is a gorgeous sampler, Karoline. Beautiful colours.
Ooh. Itching. I sympathise.
Grace Palmer said…
Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well to-morrow. Maria Spence is looking great!

All the best
Katrina said…
Maria Spence is gorgeous. I've been coveting this kit for a long time. Ah well maybe someday.

Hope tomorrow goes well and it's just a minor bump in the road. Glad your midwife is happy with how you are doing.
tkdchick said…
urgh annoying itches!

Looking good!
Faith Ann said…
What a gorgeous project!!

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, hope all goes well.
Barbara said…
Read up on the condition and have all my fingers and toes crossed that you and the wee one will be fine. Take care!!
good luck today hope everthing is well, your stitching is looking fab also :)
Carol R said…
I love Maria Spence - it's really beautiful.
Wishing you luck with your trip to the hospital.
Maria Spence is just gorgeous!! Love those colors ;)
Sharon said…
Looks wonderful Karoline!

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