2007 Stitching Review

I had a good stitching year in 2007, I didn’t achieve as many finishes as last year but my stitching tailed off over the summer during my first trimester. However I’ve no complaints :)
Here are my finishes for 2007:

Ackworth Butterfly Medallion(Gift)
Ackworth Biscornu’s x 2 (fundraiser)
Ackworth Fobs x 2 (fundraiser)
Ackworth Pincushion (fundraiser)
CA Wells – Peacock Sewing Case
Cindy Valentine Designs – Faith, Hope, Love
Drawn Thread – The Teaching Band Sampler
Drawn Thread – Wayward Garden
Earth Threads – Christmas Pines
Elegant Stitch - From the Heart Smalls
Fancy Works – Whitmans Red Tin Accessories(Exchange)
Forget-me-Knot in Stitches – The Album
Forget-me-Knot in Stitches – Stained Glass Noel
Fouroaks – Personally Pink
Heart in Hand – Winter Bird
Hillside Samplings – Folk Art Hornbook
Indigo Rose – Victorian Elegance
Just Nan – Silkwood Manor Needlepark
Just Nan – Lady Scarletts Secret Garden
Lorri Birmingham – My Hearts Content Needleroll
Mosey ‘n’ Me – The Little Visitor(gift)
Olde Colonial Designs – Needlework Garden Snip Basket
Old Willow Designs – Wreath of Hearts
Prairie Schooler – Barnyard Sheep(gift)
Shepherds Bush – In my garden Needleroll
Shepherds Bush – Glory Fob(Gift)
Teresa Wentzler – Dragon Ride
Twisted Threads – Accept Love
The Workbasket – August Quaker(Exchange)

The Stats are:
WIPs at start of year : 15
New Starts : 24

Finishes : 31
WIPs at end of Year : 8

As far as my 2007 goals went:

Above all to enjoy my stitching - Done :)

I'd like to finish: Dragon Ride, Wayward Garden, Dragon Virtues and Forget Me Knot's In stitches Album – Dragon Ride and Wayward Garden are done, the stitching is done on Album and the finishing is in progress, Dragon Virtues Afghan is my current focus piece and is within a month or so of being finished

I would like to make significant progress on Maria Spence and CA Well's Pyramid Etui – Done, almost at the halfway point on Maria and I’m currently working on Pyramid and am probably about a third of the way through.

I'm not going to make any goals as to new starts because that is entirely down to what is screaming at me the loudest when I have a free slot in my rotation. - LOL

I'm not making any specific stitching resolutions for 2008 with the new baby other than to enjoy my stitching and when I get the chance to stitch to take it!

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this post LOL I'd like to thank everyone who has read and commented on my blog this year your comments mean a lot to me. I'd like to wish you all a great 2008


Susan said…
I know that 2008 is going to be an exciting year for you and Dave! Enjoy yourselves! Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Happy 2008 to you Karoline, congratulations on all your wonderful stitching achievements and wishing you all the best with the remaining weeks of your pregnancy - look forward to seeing a picture of the baby on your blog!

Rowyn said…
Happy new year Karoline. You certainly got a lot achieved in 2007 - congrats!
cathymk said…
Happy new year, Karoline! With so much to look forward to in 2008, 08 bound to be a fabulous year for you.

Reflecting on your 2007 finishes, there are some beautiful pieces there - congratulations on a wonderful year of stitching!
Stitcher said…
Happy new year.

Wishing you a wonderful 2008
Vero M said…
Happy New Year Karoline, and I know 2008 will be a wonderful year for you !!! Can't wait to see a picture of your bany :-))

Take care
xstitch.nl said…
Happy New Year, Karoline!!
Allie said…
Happy New Year Karoline.
Rachel said…
Wow - that's a lot of finishes. Congratulations.

And have a wonderful new year, with all the joys and challenges it's bound to bring.
Sharon said…
You had some great 2007 finishes! 2008 will be exciting with the new baby1
Lelia said…
I enjoyed reading thru your list(s)&goals. I don't know if I could actually do that with my stuff. The thought of writing down my WIPs makes me cringe. This year, I'd like to focus on a couple SALs & the repro kits in my stash. I seem to buy more than I stitch!!!
Von said…
2008 is going to be one exciting year for you! Happy New Year!

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